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Questions about Acceptance

How will I be informed if I am accepted into the program?
Students who are formally accepted into the URI DPT program will receive either an email or a phone call informing him/her of acceptance. A follow-up letter will be sent in the mail.

How do I reserve my spot in the DPT program?
Upon acceptance, you will be required to submit a nonrefundable deposit of $1,000 within ten days. If you choose to attend URI, this deposit will be applied toward your tuition.

What do I do if I am accepted into multiple DPT programs and have not yet decided which program I want to attend?
This is a common situation for many applicants. It is your choice to accept and hold seats with as many programs as you like until you make a decision. Once you make a commitment and matriculate into a program, PTCAS traffic rules ask that you inform all other programs and withdraw your seat from those schools.

If I am not accepted into the URI DPT program, how and when will I be informed?
Applicants who do not meet the minimum criteria for acceptance will be informed once such a decision has been made. Applicants who are not offered an on-campus interview will be informed earlier in the year e.g. January or February. Applicants who take part in a formal interview and are not offered a seat in the DPT program are not notified in any manner until the program is absolutely certain that the incoming class has been filled. The DPT program will not provide any ranking to students who are waiting for accepted applicants to withdraw or not accept their seat.

Does the URI DPT program require a criminal background check?
A criminal background check is required for post-acceptance students. A criminal record will not necessarily prevent an applicant from enrolling in a PT program; however, failure to disclose any past or pending charges may be grounds for dismissal. The program does require criminal background checks and/or drug tests in order to verify an individual’s suitability to participate in experiential education rotations, to confirm a student’s eligibility for licensure, and to ensure patient safety.

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