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Where can I find information on the new 2016 United Healthcare Plan?

Here is a link to a summary of the plan on the State of RI Employee Benefits Website.

Note: it is titled 2014 which is the date the state began to put it into effect, although it was not available to URIPSA until January 1, 2016.

Summary Health Plan Document



Linda McCormick
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Dawn Smith
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What are the salary increase options for PSA Members?

  • Across the board negotiated annual salary increases
  • Step or multiple step increases due to increased work load (PSA Contract)
  • Acting/Interim appointments to a PSA position of a higher classification entitle members to either a 10% increase or the base rate of the higher grade, whichever is greater.
  • Promotion to a higher classification PSA position:
  • a. If the position was posted the salary increase may not be less than 5% or exceed the maximum of the higher pay grade (negotiable up to step 8).
  • b. If the position was not posted the salary increase shall be either the base rate of the higher classification or 10% above his/her base rate, whichever is greater.
  • Note: PSA members in Non-PSA Interim Appointments do not pay dues.
  • Members supported in whole or on federal or other grant funds (ledger 3 (Dean’s overhead) ledger 5, or ledger 6 or any combination of the same) may receive a one step increase upon recommendation of the supervisor who is the Principal Investigator of the grant as a reward for high quality performance where funding within the grant would permit. (PSA Contract)
  • Upgrade Appeals under Article XVI of the PSA Contract. “Any employee who claims his/her job description has been changed, or that he/she has undertaken additional job responsibilities, or that his/her job situation is unique so as to constitute an inequity with respect to the member’s present grade classification shall have the right to appeal for a grade change” Retroactive to date of request with salary increase of at least 10% or base rate of higher classification.
  • Management initiated upgrade reclassifications.
  • [For consultation on Upgrade/Reclassification contact Jerry Paquin, Executive Director, at the PSA Office, 300 Roosevelt Hall, 300 Roosevelt Hall, Tel: (401) 874-2295, Fax: (401) 874-2720, E-mail:uripsa@uri.edu  874-2295.

How much vacation time can be carried over from December 31st to the next year?

  • Members with less than three years service receive 15 days with 30 days carryover allowed.
  • Members with more than three years receive 22 days with 44 days carryover allowed.
  • Members with statutory status receive 27 days with 54 days carryover allowed.
  • All academic year members who have not reached 20 years service receive 11 days vacation upfront and are allowed to carryover up to 11 days of unused vacation at the start of the academic year for a maximum of 22 days vacation with maximum carryover. Twenty year status members receive 15 days vacation upfront with a maximum carryover of 11 days for a maximum of 26 days vacation with maximum carryover.
  • The deadline for carryover of vacation time is December 31st each year.
    Extending the Deadline: Members who are unable to expend hours over the maximum allowable carryover may avoid losing hours by calling Anne Marie Coleman’s office at 874-2424 to petition an extension of the deadline.
  • New members in their first year are prohibited from using vacation time during the first six months of employment. If an Academic year employee is unable to discharge time due to hiring date, an exception to the carryover rule may be granted.

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