The URI Professional Staff Association (PSA) is a bargaining unit affiliated with the National Education Association of Rhode Island (NEARI). It represents over 500 employees in a variety of administrative, non-teaching faculty, and technical staff positions at the University. As the local union, we perform a variety of functions for our members. We negotiate the terms of our collective bargaining agreement (aka ‘the contract’ ); assist members who seek salary increases; represent members in the grievance process; donate sick time when members have a need; and offer an annual scholarship and more.
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May 23rd, 12-1pm,
Online Narcan training. Attendees will get official certificate and Narcan test strips.

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PSA All Members Annual Meeting in Planning

President Parlange has granted all PSA members one hour of Administrative Time for our annual meeting sometime in July. This might be a first and we thank President Parlange for this. Planning is just starting and help is appreciated. The exact day and location will be announced later. We will have a general discussion, review, and votes on updated bylaws, budget, have guests from NEARI, and more. Please let John and Lynne know if you can help plan the event, bylaw revisions, and/or budget planning. Supervisors will be notified ahead of time by HR that PSA Members have been awarded the 1-hour administrative leave.

Did You Know?

500+ Current Members in URI PSA. Largest Union at URI
20New Members Joined PSA in March 2023

Weingarten Rights
Did you know your Weingarten Rights if called to a meeting with management?
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Students First Fund Donation & Community Support

The URI PSA Political Action Committee (PAC) donated $3,585.73 to the Students First Fund, which was established to provide additional emergency support to eligible URI students with demonstrated financial need. We hope we can continue to support important community programs.

New Scholarship Program

URI PSA will be providing annual scholarship funds for dependents of PSA members enrolled as full-time student(s) in a degree program of higher education institutions in the United States.

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Appeal for Sick Bank

URI PSA has a contract provision which enables URIPSA members to participate in a sick leave bank. We must renew our appeal each year because the bank does not carry over from year to year. PSA Sick Bank was able to support 3 members for a total of 80 days in 2022.

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