2013-2014 RI EPSCoR graduate research fellows

Abigail Bockus
Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Rhode Island

Advisor: Brad Seibel

Research: Determining the relationship between TMAO concentration and lipid accumulation in teleost and elasmobranch fishes

Tara Fresques 

Developmental Biology, Brown University

Advisor: Gary Wessel

Research: Animal reproduction; using the sea star, Patiria miniata, to investigate how embryonic signals contribute to egg and sperm specification. Key insights from this project will aid in identification of how molecular and external forces influence animal reproduction.

Rose MartinRose Martin

Biology, University of Rhode Island

Advisor: Serena Moseman-Valtierra

Research: The cumulative and synergistic effects of climate change, nutrient pollution and exotic species invasion may alter greenhouse gas fluxes in coastal marshes

Francoise Morison

Oceanography, University of Rhode IslandFrancoise Morison

Advisor: Susanne Menden-Deuer

Research: Plankton food web dynamics. What factors drive rates of grazing by heterotrophic protists? How will changes in ocean conditions such as warming affect feeding interactions in the plankton, directly and/or indirectly through species composition.

Victor Schmidt

Advisors: Linda Amaral-Zettler, Katherine Smith

Research: Microbial ecology in the context of environment-microbe-host dynamics in fish and the practical applications of this research to the ornamental and food fish industries.