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The Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory has been diligent in providing  training opportunities to the Forensic Science, Law Enforcement and Public Safety Communities. The training ranges from crime scene processing, blood spatter interpretation, trace evidence collection, latent print processing,  firearms reconstruction  and many more.  It is of utmost importance that opportunities for professional development are continuously being offered by the Rhode Island State Crime Lab.


BCI School

Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences 101 – Criminal Investigation:
Scientific Evidence I – 4 credits

Theory and practice of crime scene investigation employing the modern techniques of crime scene preservation, crime scene search and the collection, preservation and transmission of physical evidence. Emphasis on photography, the development, lifting and classification of latent fingerprints and report writing.


Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences 102 – Criminal Investigation:
Scientific Evidence II – 4 credits

Specialized techniques of crime scene investigation including firearms, arson, sexual assault and homicide. Examination of physical evidence such as firearms, bloodstains, glass and other trace evidence. Use of digital photography, computer software, alternate light sources, fluorescent powders and other chemical fingerprint techniques. Fingerprint comparisons. Court presentation.


Adobe Photoshop Workshop

The Rhode Island State Crime Lab in conjunction with the Rhode Island Criminalistics Association is hosting an Adobe Photoshop workshop for law enforcement officers. Each student will receive a version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 software after successfully completing the workshop to take back to their agency.

Click here for registration- Registration is closed for 2013.


Counterfeit Workshop

The Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory is hosting a workshop for Law Enforcement agencies on how to become more familiar with crimes against intellectual property. The workshop will be taught by Andrea Powers from Powers & Associates, a Private Investigative Firm. This firm has been working for brand owners as a part of an ongoing anti-counterfeiting campaign for the purposes of identifying manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers and retailers of counterfeit products.

Program Brochure- Registration is closed for 2013.

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