Academic Success Modules

Strategies To Help You Start Strong


The Academic Enhancement Center is pleased to offer this series of self-guided modules to help new and returning students prepare for academic success in Fall 2023! Feel free to explore the modules, and contact us to learn more or to set up an 1 to 1 online academic skills consultation.

Please also explore our new academic skills web portal, Study Your Way to Success. There you will find links to even more content from across the web that students can use to improve their approach to studying, time management, test taking and more!


Planning and scheduling your work effectively can make all the difference between success and struggle. This module discusses planning strategies and teaches a system for managing your time and work.

Study Strategies that Promote Active Learning

The activities you do when you study determine how well you learn. This module introduces some of the best strategies for studying and explain how and why they work. 

A Systematic Approach to Studying for Better Recall and Understanding

Remote and Online Learning

For new students and returning students alike, preparing for remote and online learning is a key to success in Fall 2020. This module shares tips and strategies to help you start strong.

Motivation and procrastination

There’s no getting around it: College courses are challenging. Believing in yourself and staying with it can make all the difference. This module offers strategies for motivating yourself to do difficult things.

focus and distraction

Strategies for Improving Focus and Minimizing Distraction