URI’s Academic Health Collaborative brings together students, faculty, clinicians, and researchers engaged in interdisciplinary work in health sciences to educate thoughtful, skilled health professionals who understand the broad and multifaceted aspects of caring for communities and keeping them healthy.

Why now?

Public health policies and health care are changing. The Affordable Care Act requires all health sectors to increase collaboration among health disciplines and adopt principles that improve population health, enhance patient experience, and lower per capita health care costs.

Why URI?

URI has established partnerships with the health community, and is known for health-related research, scholarship, and creativity in the areas of neuroscience, drug discovery, medicinal plants and marine organisms, geriatrics, cancer, genomics, immunology, and behavior change, among others.

Who is involved?

Who benefits?

  • Students, faculty and researchers, whose access to interdisciplinary academic programs, such as health policy and population health, is broadened substantially.
  • Individuals and communities, who experience improved care and reduced costs.
  • Corporate, government and non-profit partners, who will benefit from access to URI’s research, expertise and innovation.
  • The local and state economies, which are fueled by new research and grants.