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Health SciencesCenters and LabsCancer Prevention Research Center
Health SciencesCenters and LabsChild Development Centers
Health SciencesCenters and LabsCouple and Family Therapy Clinic
Health SciencesCenters and LabsEarly Intervention Program
Health SciencesCenters and LabsKinesiology Facilities
Health SciencesCenters and LabsLipid Metabolism Laboratory
Health SciencesCenters and LabsOsher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
Health SciencesCenters and LabsPhysical Therapy Clinic
Health SciencesCenters and LabsPsychological Consultation Center
Health SciencesCenters and LabsRhode Island Geriatric Education Center (RIGEC)
Health SciencesCenters and LabsSpeech and Hearing Centers
Health SciencesCenters and LabsSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Education (SNAP-Ed)
NursingResearch StudiesNursing Best Practices
NursingResearch StudiesDeveloping a Protocol for Nurse-to-Nurse Shift Handoffs
NursingResearch StudiesPremature Infants and Birth
NursingResearch StudiesDiscovering the Long-Term Outcomes of Premature Birth
NursingResearch StudiesMagnetic Resonance Imaging of Moderate and Late Preterm Infants: A Pilot Study
NursingResearch StudiesEffects of Open-Bay vs. Single Room NICU on Infant Outcomes at Discharge
NursingResearch StudiesWomen in Correctional Facilities
NursingResearch StudiesHealth Care of Pregnant Women in Correctional Facilities
NursingResearch StudiesThe Experience of Nurse Researchers Conducting Research in Women’s Correctional Facilities
PharmacyResearch TopicsClinical Study Design and Analysis
PharmacyResearch TopicsDrug Delivery
PharmacyResearch TopicsRegulation of Bile Acid Homeostasis
PharmacyResearch TopicsDrug Discovery
PharmacyResearch TopicsAntimicrobial Stewardship Program
PharmacyResearch TopicsBrain Biochemistry and Drug Therapies
PharmacyResearch TopicsHealth Policy and Economics
PharmacyResearch TopicsPharmaceutical Chemistry
PharmacyResearch TopicsChemical Carcinogenesis Reseach
PharmacyResearch TopicsMetabolism & Enzymology Research
PharmacyResearch TopicsPharmacology
PharmacyResearch TopicsClinical Pharmacokinetics Research
PharmacyResearch TopicsPharmacotherapy
PharmacyResearch TopicsToxicology
PharmacyResearch TopicsGene-Environment Interactions