Antiracist & decolonizing pedagogy

Anti Racist and decolonizing pedagogies recognize and address the structures that create and perpetuate systemic inequities, marginalization, and oppression in our educational spaces, including their economical, social, and epistemological components. They seek to heal historical injustice by naming and disrupting its outcomes, and encourage continuous growth, process, and critical reflection in action. While the resources below are by no means exhaustive, we offer them to amplify existing voices in this long-standing field of scholarship and practice, and as a place to start for further research and engagement.

[As many of the topics in this area connect, you may also find relevant resources in difficult dialogue, fostering a sense of belonging and trauma-informed pedagogy.]

When it comes to race, racism, and antiracist work, it is important that everyone feels safe, but equally important that many also feel uncomfortable. It’s only through discomfort, perhaps pain and suffering, that we grow, develop, and change for the better.
Frankie Condon and Vershawn Ashanti Young, Performing an Anti-Racist Pedagogy

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  • Frank Tuitt: Race, Equity, and the Learning Environment - The Office for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (ATL) was very excited to virtually bring Dr. Frank Tuitt to campus in September and October 2020. Dr. Tuitt is a lead author of the well known book “Race, Ethnicity and The Learning Environment” as well as the Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer in the […]