Climate & Sense of Belonging

Fostering a sense of belonging begins with acknowledging students enter the classroom with diverse experiences, and approaches to learning. Incorporating that variability into how we deliver class content, assess student learning, and promote dialogue creates not only an inclusive learning environment for students, but provides the opportunity for everyone to challenge themselves and increase their own cultural awareness.

IDEA item: Asked students to share ideas and experiences with others whose backgrounds and viewpoints differ from their own (IDEA paper) 

Students thrive in an environment that recognizes their contribution, one that  

  • Pays attention to students’ socio-emotional learning
  • Creates a sense of inclusion and belonging
  • Permits students to have agency in their learning

[As many of the topics in this area connect, you may also find relevant resources in difficult dialogue, trauma-informed pedagogy, and anti-racist & decolonizing pedagogy.]

Is the classroom supposed to be neutral, objective, and devoid of feelings? Or is it a space where students and teacher meet for healing, understanding, and critical thinking?
Martinez-Cola et al., 2018

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