January 2024 ATL Programs

ATL offers programs open to all instructors, as well as those geared towards particular groups of teachers.

Legend: AIN = All instructors; FTF = Full-time faculty; PTF = Part-time faculty

Description of Events

Writing Challenge for February 1st Teaching Packets (FTF)

This challenge is especially for those who will be working on their packets for the February 1st submission date. Through a Brightspace site, you will be able to work at your own pace to set writing goals, get feedback from colleagues, and prepare your packets.


  • 17 instructors from the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Business, Engineering, the Environment & Life Sciences, Health Sciences, and Pharmacy set goals and traded drafts of their statements with their peers.
  • Be on the look out for our next writing challenge during the summer for instructors who submit their packets in October. Best of luck to all those who are submitting their packets on February 1!

Strategies & Tools (S&T) for New Part-Time Faculty (PTF)

Calling all new part-time faculty! Is this your first, second, or third semester teaching at URI? This program is specifically designed for you and will help prepare you for a successful semester. You will build connections with colleagues, learn more about the URI community and resources, and establish or further develop your teaching practices. There will be opportunities for optional synchronous virtual sessions and optional virtual drop-in office hours with the facilitator from 12-1pm on weekdays (except 1/9, 1/15, & 1/18).


  • 8 new part-time faculty members from the Colleges of Business, Education, Environment and Life Sciences, Health Sciences, and Nursing participated.
  • The first iteration of this program was last August, and ATL plans to run it at the beginning of every semester into the future.
  • Be on the lookout for when we offer it again next fall. In the meantime, consider registering for our community of practice to support part-time faculty during the semester.

Choose Your Own AI Adventure (AIN)

Get ready for the semester! Participants will be able to choose from among various workshops geared toward using AI to support their teaching and their students’ learning. Examples include: Developing a course (writing a syllabus, developing assignments, etc.); Preparing lessons (creating PowerPoints, interactive learning); Supporting student success (teach students how to use AI in their studying); Maintaining Academic Integrity, etc.


  • 88 instructors from URI, CCRI, RIC participated.
  • Thanks to Julianna Golas, Frank Romanelli, Alicia Vaandering from URI for presenting their experiments with AI in their classes. Thanks also to Tim Henry from RIC and Alyson Snowe from CCRI.
  • Explore resources from the event.
  • Said one participant, “I really felt I could ask any question and ATL really wants to help.” We do and keep the questions coming!

Academic Summit

This full-day summit will focus on AI in higher education and will include a keynote speaker (Dr. Sid Dobrin), opportunities for engagement with your colleagues, and an afternoon of breakout sessions and workshops. Dr. Dobrin will open the summit with a presentation, “Generative AI and Higher Education: A Few Provocations”, followed by Q&A.


  • ATL staff led afternoon breakout sessions at the Academic Summit on January 18. 
  • Staff were involved with leading sessions on “demystifying AI” and assessing student learning. 
  • We look forward to continuing to explore these topics and others with you all as we move forward together.

Part-Time Faculty Community of Practice (PTF)

Designed for all Part-Time faculty teaching at URI, this four-session Community of Practice will help faculty develop relationships with colleagues, explore teaching successes and challenges, and further establish their teaching practice.

Table of ATL Events

DateTimeTitleLocationRegister/More Info
Jan 8-19, 2024asynchronousWriting ChallengeBrightspace and ZoomRegister here
Jan 8-19, 2024asynchronousStrategies & Tools (S&T) for New PTFBrightspaceRegister here
Jan 8, 20245pm-6pmS&T for New PTF – Optional Session #1ZoomRegister here
Jan 11, 202410am-noonChoose Your Own AI AdventureZoomRegister here
Jan 11, 20245pm-6pmS&T for New PTF – Optional Session #2ZoomRegister here
Jan 17, 20245pm-6pmS&T for New PTF – Optional Session #3ZoomRegister here
Jan 22, 20248am-4pmAcademic Testing Center OpensChafee 201/202More information
Jan 31, 20244pm-5pmPTF Community of Practice – Session #1ZoomRegister here