What We Do


The ATL team holds a wide range of experience and knowledge to help you meet your teaching and learning goals, regardless of modality, level of experience teaching, or discipline.

Below are several topics about which we meet regularly with faculty, teams, and departments, including course design (on campus, online, and blended), curriculum design, interpreting IDEA results, mid-semester feedback, peer observation, program assessment, and scholarship in teaching and learning (SOTL).

Course Design – On Campus

Determining the effective teaching strategies and techniques that apply to a specific course need is an important aspect of successful course design.

Course Design – Online/Blended

Discuss principles and best practices of online and blended course design and Quality Matters (QM) and evaluate the appropriate technologies and solutions to facilitate specific learning outcomes.

Curriculum Design

These consultations help to illuminate points of connection across programs and within departments in an effort to support outcomes achievement across the curriculum.

Interpreting IDEA Results

Want help interpreting IDEA results or developing strategies in response to your IDEA Diagnostic Feedback? We offer individual sessions and host workshops for departments

Mid-Semester Feedback

For HIT Seminar alum, faculty development staff and affiliates can facilitate a conversation with your students on what is working for them, what improvements could be made, and what they can do to improve their learning in the course.

Online Course Design Review

Certified faculty reviewers are available to review your course against the Quality Matters rubric. Before you request a review, we highly recommend that you look over the standards and check your course against the requirements listed in each.

Peer Observation

Deans and chairs can reach out to consult on valid protocols for peer observations, arrange for a conversation about specifics for their department, or ask questions.

Program-Level Assessment

Departments working on program-level assessment can reach out for support at any phase.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Conducting research on teaching and learning – whether in a specific course, for a program, or across disciplines – is part of strong reflective practice and building a healthy environment of teaching and learning. We can help get you started.

Academic Testing Center

The mission of the Academic Testing Center is to advance teaching and learning outcomes by offering professional proctoring services that promote honesty, integrity, and equity and providing accessible and inclusive assessment opportunities for students, faculty, and academic departments at the University of Rhode Island.