May 27th - July 9nd, 2022


Spend the summer in Berlin, immerse yourself in German language and culture, and learn from experts in the STEM fields about the role of Germany in the sciences, technology, and engineering.

The program offers:

  • 4 credits of Technical German for STEM fields (Tuition included)
  • 4 credits of Advanced German (Tuition included)
  • Full immersion environment with German pledge
  • Co-Curricular programming in Berlin: museums, theater, etc.
  • Cultural and academic excursions to other German cities, including Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Munich
  • Trip to Germany‚Äôs largest amusement park
  • Site and industry visits in different engineering fields
  • Accommodation and two meals per day, Monday to Friday
  • Access to local gym
  • Time to explore Berlin and other German cities in small groups on your own

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The program German-STEM Immersion School in Berlin is presented by the University of Rhode Island’s German International Engineering Program in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame’s German Immersion Program.