Equity and inclusion are critical components for campus community members to thrive. The Bias Resource Team (BRT) is an interdisciplinary group comprised of URI staff and faculty. The BRT reviews information about reported bias incidents and refers campus resources to those who have witnessed or experienced an act of bias. The Bias Resource Team also tracks trends and shares information with appropriate departments to address these concerns. The Bias Resource Team does not adjudicate student conduct code violations, civil rights complaints, or issues of state or federal law. 

Who We Are

The BRT is comprised of representatives from the URI Kingston, Feinstein Providence, and Narragansett Bay campuses. Team members contribute diverse expertise that allows the group as a whole to review reported cases from multiple perspectives and disciplines.

2023-2024 Bias Resource Team



Submit a Bias Response Form

If you experience or witness an incident of bias based on race, color, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, physical or mental disability, political or religious ideology, age, or any other distinguishing characteristic, you may submit a Bias Report Form. If you would like direct communication from the BRT, you are encouraged to provide your contact information. Note that your name and contact information are not required to submit the form.

BRT members will review your case and inform appropriate parties to address your concern. When contact information is provided, the BRT will review your options and connect you with campus resources that best suit your needs. Any member of the BRT can answer questions regarding the bias report form and campus resources.

File a Report


Know Your Title IX

Title IX’s prohibition of sex discrimination includes prohibition of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Sexual harassment is any unsolicited or unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature. It can include unwelcome verbal or non-verbal conduct, request for sexual favors and physical behaviors that range from sexual gestures or teasing to sexual assault, acts of sexual violence and sexually coerced activity. Visit here for more information.