Career & Experiential Education
Forms, Samples, & Resources for Faculty

CCEE staff have compiled the following list of forms, samples, and resources for easy access. This is not a full list and will be updated regularly as new forms, samples, and resources are made available.


  • Visit the following pages for a comprehensive list of processes and forms specific to Internship, Community Based Learning (Service-Learning), or Project Based Learning.
  • You are welcome to download samples to edit and create your own. For alternate forms of documents, please reach out to your Experiential Education Coordinator.
  • Unless instructed otherwise, completed forms should be kept on file by the course instructor or program manager.
Career Readiness Plan/Learning Agreement
Certificate of Insurance Request (Internship & Experiential)
COVID Health & Safety (Experiential Education)
COVID Safety Acknowledgement Form
Experiential Learning Course Type Definitions
Field Trip Notification Form
Field Trip Participation List
Field Trip Release Form
Internship Contact Information Sheet
Internship Position Description and Contact Information Form
Internship Student Agreement & Release Form
Post Internship Student Evaluation
Supervisor Final Evaluation
Supervisor Mid-Term Evaluation
Minors on Campus Policy
URI General Council Contract Review Protocol
URI Office of Intellectual Property and Economic Development
URI Office of Risk Control and Management
Policy on the Use of University-Owned and Rented Vehicles