CCEE Courses & Curriculum

The staff of the Center for Career and Experiential Education offer a variety of professional and career development courses (listed below). Most of these courses provide students with the opportunity to earn elective credits for volunteer or internship experiences, while others provide students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and develop their professional brand. ITR & CSV courses are approved for online delivery.

Career & Professional Development

ITR 300: Career Planning, Personal Branding & Networking

ITR 300: Offered Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter J Term. Career and professional topic areas vary based on instructor, may involve travel to companies in Rhode Island or surrounding states to engage in conversations with employers and see a variety of workplace environments.

Internship for Credit

ITR 302/304: Internship Field Experience & Seminar

An internship is an amazing opportunity to gain relevant experience, apply theory to practice in the field, and make valuable networking connections. Internships may be anywhere in the US, virtual or in-person, paid or unpaid. Students enroll in ITR 302 (internship field experience) for 3-12 credits and ITR 304 (required asynchronous online professional development seminar) for 3 credits. 6-15 Credits

Students interested in the ITR Internship Program, should email their Career Education Specialist (CES) to begin the approval process. Students should also contact their CES with questions or for internship search assistance. The internship must be secured and approved before registration. Want to learn more? ITR Internship Program – Everything You Need to Know ITR Internship Program – Website Interested in utilizing or learning more about ITR 300 or ITR 302/304 credit? Contact Erica Cassidy.

Internship for Zero-Credit

ITR 400: Off Campus Field Experience/Internship

This is a course code to document off-campus field experience or internship experiences for those students who will not use the experience for academic credit (zero credit). Enrollment will be by permission number only and limited to students who have their experience vetted through the Center for Career & Experiential Education (CCEE). The vetting process (and subsequent enrollment) will include a Learning Contract/Description submitted by the student and reviewed by the Assistant Director for Experiential Education. This course will serve as a way for the CCEE to track field experience and internships completed outside of major requirements and credit-bearing opportunities. This tracking will also facilitate the student being able to show, on their transcript, the completion of an internship outside of academic requirements and electives.

  • This course will not be taken for credit.
  • Students will not receive a grade.
  • As a non-credit course, it will not count toward a student’s degree program.

Want to learn more? Interested in utilizing or learning more about ITR 400 credit? Contact Sarah Miller.

Community Engagement

  • CSV 301: Course Based Community Service – Students define their experience through a position description and learning contract that also connects back to another course they are concurrently enrolled in or supporting. Students engage in reflection to incorporate their learning back into the classroom environment. 1-4 credits
  • CSV 302: Service to the University – Students participate in a community service leadership that addresses a specific community need at the University. Projects are proposed and supervised by an instructor, and vary each semester.
  • CSV 303: Off-Campus Community Service – Students participate in a community service project that addresses a specific need in the off-campus community. Projects are proposed and supervised by an instructor and vary each semester. 1-4 credits
  • CSV 400: Community Based Field Experience – Zero-credit community based field experience course for undergraduate students. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter J Semester, requires a minimum of 40 hours over the course of the semester. Position description, including site details and learning contract, required before enrollment.
Want to learn more? Interested in utilizing or learning more about CSV credit? Contact Sarah Miller.