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Handshake is our online career platform for connecting URI students and alumni with employers, jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Click on Access Handshake to POST or FIND opportunities, or review the tips and FAQs below to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) & Tips to help you be successful in utilizing Handshake:

Getting Started as a New Student

  • What exactly is Handshake? Handshake is a platform where students and alumni can search for internships, jobs, experiential learning opportunities and special events. Our URI departments & offices also post positions on Handshake for on-campus work, for both work study & non-work study positions. Students and alumni can connect with employers on Handshake and can even participate in direct career-related conversations.
  • How do I access Handshake?
    To login with your SSO username and password, go to your URI applications page and click on the Handshake icon. You can also visit Handshake to claim your account.
  • I did not set up my account. Do I have one?
    Yes! Every student at URI has a Handshake account set up for you. Just as with other platforms, your profile is automatically created using your information from eCampus. Your only task is to access the account using your URI email address, and claim it by responding to the verification email you will receive. Still not sure where to start to claim your account? Start by watching our Handshake 101 video!
  • How do I set up my profile, and why is it important?
    First, if you still haven’t watched our Handshake 101 video, we recommend starting there! Then check out this article for frequently asked questions and tips on how to set up your profile. You can also learn a lot of great tips from the Handshake Blog.
  • Why do I need this right now?Building your profile so that it is an accurate description of who you are and what you can do takes time. And there’s never a time when building your personal brand is not important! Using Handshake as a new student helps you to gain confidence and familiarity with the platform when you are searching for full time jobs later. Don’t forget that you can always apply to part-time On-Campus Jobs while you are in school.
  • What is the Virtual On-Campus Job Fair & Why is it Important?
    The Virtual On-Campus Job Fair is our way of connecting students who want to work during the academic year with the departments on campus who are interested in hiring students! This event is set up as a series of one on one or group conversations that you can sign up for. This allows you to meet the departments, connect with the hiring managers, and talk about schedule needs and more. Some positions are for work study award recipients only, while others are paid by departments directly. Find out more about navigating virtual career fairs on Handshake!

Student & Alumni FAQ

  • I am a returning student- how do I access Handshake? To login, go to uri.joinhandshake.com & login using your URI Single Sign On credentials. Or simply go to the main URI apps page and click on the Handshake icon.
  • I am an Alum of URI, how do I access Handshake? Log in using your e-campus username and Sakai password if you remember it! If you don’t think you have an account you can request one from the Handshake login page. Our office will search for duplicates and help you to activate a new account or change your email address. As a URI alum you can access Handshake after graduation to support your career development. Your Handshake profile will be saved for as long as you wish to use the service. While URI will no longer automatically update your account, you can maintain and update it as you need to so that you can continue to update and improve your profile as your career progresses.
  • I did not set up my account. Do I have one? Yes! Every student at URI has a Handshake account. Just like other programs your profile is automatically imported from e-campus. Your task is to access the account and claim it by verifying your email address. Not sure where to start to claim your account? Start by watching our Handshake 101 video!
  • My class year is incorrect, how can I change it? On your profile page, click on the pencil icon next to the “School Year” field, and make your selection from the dropdown menu.
  • How do I add my GPA(s) to my profile? Your GPA, while it is imported from e-campus, will remain hidden unless you choose to share that publicly. The GPA fields are unlocked and you can add your departmental and cumulative GPAs to your profile by clicking on the pencil icon next to “Primary Education” (top right of your profile screen) and entering your data. Be sure to scroll down and click “save” before leaving the page. It may take a few minutes for your GPA(s) to show on your profile.
  • I’m being blocked from applying for a job because of my qualifications (major, GPA…). What can I do?Any eligible client who has access to Handshake can apply for any job in Handshake, regardless of qualifications. While no client is ever blocked from applying, you may not necessarily be fully qualified based on items such as major, GPA etc. However, you may see a system message that indicates you are missing a qualification. Please note that this will not stop you from submitting your application for any opportunity.
  • Where can I find resources for attending Virtual Events & Career Fairs? Handshake has developed a robust platform for virtual Career Fairs where you can sign up to attend virtual information sessions and virtual one on one appointments. You’ll find all the information you need to register for and attend a Virtual Career Fair here: Guide for students. You can also find resources on our Events Page!

Employer FAQ

  • What is Handshake? Handshake is the platform we use at The University of Rhode Island to connect employers to students and graduates who are seeking career opportunities. Handshake enables us to use technology to connect you with the most qualified candidates. Our partners use Handshake to post job and internship listings, register for career fairs, manage on-campus recruiting, and message students and alumni who meet position qualifications. Handshake also allows you to customize your employer profile, job postings, and events to attract applicants and grow your brand recognition.
  • What if I need help with Handshake? Handshake has a robust support library as well as a support team waiting to help you.
  • I’m an employer who is new to Handshake, how do I register? Handshake offers a thorough article describing how to register and get started. Once you’ve created the profile make sure you select University of Rhode Island as one of your partner schools. Once you’ve requested to connect with URI it can take up to 1-2 days to approve your account. Our vetting process is comprehensive and is meant to safeguard student and alumni personal information. If we find that more information is needed for approval we will contact you directly to work through the process.
  • How do I create a job posting? Please review this Handshake Help Article. More job posting-related questions are answered here. Job postings are approved and posted daily, so it may take up to 24 hours to become visible.
  • I created a job posting, but now I can’t find it. Your job will not actually post to a school and show up under “Job Postings” until your account is approved at a school, so if this is the first time you’ve posted with us make sure you have selected URI as a partner school. Once approved, all jobs can be found in your dashboard menu under “Postings>Jobs>All”.
  • I created a job posting, but I’m not getting any applications. What can I do? There are several things you can do to increase visibility & interest. First, make sure you have a descriptive company description and job title. The job duties and qualifications should be clear, specific, and should match the skill level that is appropriate for the applicant pool. Share what makes your company unique and tell potential applicants about your mission statement and the things that make your workplace a great place to work. To help you promote the position, you can reach out to student organizations or attend career fairs and events to promote in person. Our Employer Relations team can also review your postings & provide feedback.
  • How do I set up on-campus interview dates? When you post a job in Handshake you will be asked if you would like to conduct interviews on campus. Click the box if you would like to interview candidates on campus. The benefit of scheduling interviews through Handshake is that while you can select whom to interview, those applicants can access the available schedule & sign up for interviews when it is best for them. We do have limited space on campus for in-person interviews, requests can be made by requesting specific dates in Handshake or by contacting Kristy Embrack Searles. We strongly encourage you to consider virtual interviewing if appropriate for you as we have seen the benefits of virtual engagement for students of diverse backgrounds as we continually strive for equity in access.

Faculty & Staff FAQ

As a URI employee there are many reasons you may want to use Handshake. You may be in a role where you support students in their job or internship search process. Or you may want to connect with employers in your industry who are interested in partnering with URI for experiential learning opportunities. You may also be using Handshake as an employer yourself, if you are seeking to hire a student to work in your office or department.

  • As a staff member how do I get started? To get started you’ll need to login to Handshake using your Single Sign On username and password. We recommend starting at the URI apps page and clicking on the Handshake icon. This brings you to a “Student View” of the platform, where you will walk through the process of setting up a profile just as your students do. This is helpful if you plan to view available opportunities in your field, find out about career events, and even see which employers are reaching out to your students.
  • I am a staff member, why do I have a “Student Account”? All members of the URI community start with the same “Student View”. This enables us to understand the way our students will navigate the system. As a faculty member you can use this student viewpoint to see what your students are seeing, while being an inactive member of the Handshake program. If you need to create an additional role with capabilities of an employer you can do this as well. You’ll find guidance on how to add capabilities if you need them by visiting Handshake Support.
  • How do I post a position for a student worker in my office? (On-Campus Employment) Visit our On-Campus Employer resource page to review all the information you need to create an employer account linked to your student account, guidance on creating job descriptions for in-person, virtual, or hybrid positions, as well as keep all of your applicants organized in one place. Please note that if you are posting a work study position you are not able to check the “work study” option in the job type field. We ask that you designate all URI department positions as “On-Campus Employment” (regardless of which campus). We encourage you to include work study information in the body of your job posting.
  • Where do I find help for my questions about Handshake? Handshake has a robust support system where you can browse through help articles by searching using keywords. These articles are continuously updated and include screenshots to guide you. We ask that you start with the Handshake Support Page and if you need assistance, click “contact support” to complete a help desk request. Our team at URI has limited ability to navigate within personal accounts, which can lead to a time consuming process. For questions that are specific to URI please contact Amy Albert or Holly Hernandez.

Internship Resources

Students at URI can gain experience in an internship through their academic department or through the CCEE ITR Internship Program at the Center for Career and Experiential Learning.

Please Note: Handshake has updated their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to further protect student privacy and ensure Handshake remains a helpful platform for all.