Alicia Vignali Henry

CliftonStrengths: Positivity, Connectedness, Woo, Empathy, Ideation
Character Values: Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love of Learning, Fairness, Social Intelligence


Master of Public Administration, University of Rhode Island (Anticipated)
Bachelor Science, Political Science, University of Connecticut
(However, much of my most valued education is informal, obtained through interactions with diverse people, places and situations.)

Career Journey

I have always enjoyed working with people and building relationships. Being here at URI as the Community Engagement Coordinator is exactly where I am supposed to be, and many things contributed to me getting here! I was an unconventional student, I was a little bit older and worked full time at a Boys & Girls Clubs as an undergraduate. I studied abroad in Greece, with plans to stay a few weeks and ended up there for 9 months! I have worked in public schools, for international nonprofits and for public beaches. I am fortunate to have a wide variety of professional, personal and educational experiences that created the person I am! I am thankful for all the inspiring individuals I have met, and continue to meet along my journey. Bringing people together to serve, share resources and create sustainable and reciprocal relationships is the common theme of everything I do, and I incorporate that into all aspects of my life.

When not supporting career and experiential education at URI, you will find me: At the beach, or thinking about being at the beach, with my 2 young daughters. I thrive in summer, so any chance to beat the cold and go somewhere warm I take it! I am always planning a new adventure or connecting with friends from a past one. I serve on committees for the Town of Narragansett and sometimes run for public office. I love to learn new things, connect people together and read books.

What Strength, Value, or Personality trait do you identify with most and why? Gratitude is the value I appreciate the most, because there is always something to be grateful for. I practice gratitude throughout my day, looking for wins and for everything that is going right.