Student Employment

There are dozens of URI offices and departments, as well as off campus partners, who are looking to hire you. Use this site to learn more about on-campus jobs, federal work study, and off-campus community service work study, and where to find the right position for you. The Center for Career and Experiential Education is here to help. Questions? Contact the CCEE Student Employment team at

Types of Student Employment

Federal Work Study
On-campus or Off-campus Employment

Jobs may either be with URI offices or with eligible off-campus nonprofit partners (Community Service Work Study). Federal Work Study awards pay for 75% of a students part-time employment during the academic year, with the remaining 25% being paid for by the department or site.

Non Federal Work Study
On-Campus Employment

Any student can apply to on-campus employment. Although not all offices are able to hire students without a work study award, many offices are able to do so. For non Work Study on-campus employment, students are paid 100% through the campus department budget.

Attend the Student Employment Job Fair

Mark your calendar to stop by the Student Employment Job Fair on September 3, 2024 between 11:00am-2:00pm in the Memorial Union Ballroom. Can’t attend the fair? Check out Handhshake! All offices in attendance will have their jobs posted on Handshake – so check them out and apply! We also encourage you to follow-up with offices directly.

Timeline & Tips for Success:

  1. Claim your Handshake account just by logging-in through Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Set up your profile
    • Select “on-campus” under job type and begin your search
    • Set an alert to notify you when new on campus jobs are posted
    • The “on-campus” job type in Handshake includes all types of student employment noted below: Non Work Study, Federal Work Study, and Community Service Work Study
  2. Contact Enrollment Services to see if you have been awarded work study ( and/or see Quick Links below for step by step videos)
  3. The best times to apply or be looking for employment is April/May and/or Aug/Sept for the following Fall academic year and also Dec/Jan for Spring openings. But many offices might be looking year-round!
  4. For a complete list of on-campus jobs please go to Handshake and log in with your Single Sign On. Click on the Job feed, then click on the “On-Campus” filter to show only on campus jobs. Apply through Handshake and be sure to follow up directly with departments where you have applied.

Handshake & Work Study Quick Links:

*Access Enrollment Services videos in Spanish

Notes to remember:

  • Students are able to work a maximum of 20 hours though student employment (can be through one or multiple sites)
  • Students receive a bi-weekly paycheck (regardless of work study or non work study)
  • This employment opportunity is an excellent way to build your professional network, and learn and strengthen new skills, while earning a paycheck. So look for opportunities to grow your talents and passions!
  • Each experience can be very different. As you progress in your time at URI, consider how to level up your skills. Take initiative by asking for more responsibility or stepping up to assist on projects that excite you.
  • If awarded Work Study, award is earned through working at on-campus or eligible off-campus locations. You are being paid through your Work Study financial aid award.
  • Why tell an on-campus employer that you have work study? Students with work study are often preferred for on-campus work since their award covers part of their wage, so the on-campus employer is incentivized to hire work study students. However, having work study is not a guarantee for finding employment.

Who supports Student Employment?

Student employment is a large scale program that requires the cooperation of various departments at URI, each with their own part to play. Students will primarily be supported by the Center for Career & Experiential Education and Enrollment Services offices for Student Employment.