Special Populations Minor

Created in 1980, the special populations minor gives students the opportunity to explore theory and gain practical experience through working with people who have special needs. This includes people who have disabilities (physical, emotional, mental, or educational) or are different socioeconomically, behaviorally, or culturally. A minimum of 18 credits may be earned by taking the required courses: HDF 200 or PSY 232; a minimum of three credits in supervised research or field experience; and a minimum of twelve credits of approved electives.

At least 12 credits must be taken at the 200-level or above, and courses must be chosen from a minimum of three academic departments.

Fieldwork and electives are chosen in consultation with a faculty sponsor from one of the participating departments: Communicative Disorders; Education; Nutrition; Human Development and Family Science; Kinesiology; Public Health; Psychology; Sociology and Anthropology. The College of Health Sciences administers the program.

Sample Suggested Electives

Below are some examples of classes that students who completed this minor recently have taken, across a variety of special populations. These courses are just suggestions, and we encourage you to come up with your own elective choices as well. Please know that, as with any minor, space in these courses is not guaranteed, and there may be prerequisites you need to complete before taking them. Electives are approved in consultation with your faculty sponsor.

  • AAF/SOC 240 – Race and Ethnicity
  • ASL 101 – American Sign Language I
  • ASL 102 – American Sign Language II
  • CMD 375 – Language Development
  • CMD 494 – Autism and Pervasive Development Disorders
  • EDC 103G – Education and Social Justice
  • EDC 150G – 50 Million Strong
  • EDC 330 – Intro to Multilingual Learner Education
  • EDC 402 – The Education of Special Needs Students
  • GWS 350 – Special Topics in Women’s Studies
  • HDF 201 – Lifespan Development II
  • HDF 318G – Health and Wealth
  • HLT 312 – Intersecting Social Identities and Health
  • HLT 400G – Public Health: Social Justice and Advocacy
  • KIN 420 – Fitness Programs for Individuals with Chronic Diseases
  • LAX 200G – Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Issues
  • NUR/THN 260 – Impact of Death on Behavior
  • NUR 280G – Social Determinants of Health
  • PSY 432 – Advanced Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 442 – Disability in Childhood and Adolesence
  • SOC 336 – Social Inequality
  • THE 338G – Ethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Theatre
  • WRT 306 – Writing Health and Disability

For more information or if you have questions, attend a Special Populations Minor Info Session, hosted on Zoom the first Friday of every month at 1PM by Dean Cruger. Log into Starfish and find her in your Success Network, then schedule yourself into one of the sessions; you’ll receive the Zoom link after registering. For additional questions, please email the College of Health Sciences Student Services Office at chs-group@uri.edu with a subject “Special Populations Minor”.

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