Research Opportunities

Students across the College have the option of working with our faculty on research – for some majors, it’s an integral part of your program, and every department has independent study courses available for credit.

Faculty Research and Labs

Research is an integral part of all of our academic departments in the College of Health Sciences. Our faculty are working with cutting-edge equipment to solve real-world health problems. Many faculty seek undergraduate students to assist them with their labs and in their research. Check out the CHS Centers and Labs page for more information about faculty research and the labs that are recruiting students.

Independent Study Courses

Look for courses titled “Special Problems”, “Special Projects”, “Directed Study”, “Independent Study”, etc.

Some of these courses include:

  • CMD 491 and 492 – Special Problems
  • HDF 497 and 498 – Special Problems
  • HLT 491 – Experiential Learning Independent Study
  • KIN 391 – Directed Study
  • NUT 491 – Special Projects
  • PSY 489 – Problems in Psychology