Cell and Molecular Biology

College of the Environment and Life Science

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Molecular biology, the biomedical sciences, and biotechnology are among the most challenging and exciting scientific fields of the 21st century. These disciplines are at the forefront of our efforts to overcome major global challenges including climate change, world hunger, heart disease, cancer, and AIDS.

The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology as part of URI’s College of the Environment and Life Sciences offers internationally recognized programs for your undergraduate and graduate training. At its core, the department offers solid foundations in biochemistry, microbiology and molecular genetics. Research interests within the Department are diverse and include the study of the molecular origins of cancer and infectious disease, vaccine development, the roles of microorganisms in nutrient cycling and metabolism, and the genetic modification of switchgrasses for biofuel production.

Located within the LEED Gold certified Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences building (CBLS), our department provides you with state-of-the-art teaching and research labs, informal gathering and studying spaces, and genomics research and teaching services in the URI Genomics and Sequencing Center. A close affiliation with the URI Biotechnology Center located in downtown Providence also offers you access to both graduate and undergraduate programs in biotechnology and medical laboratory sciences, the URI Institute for Immunology and Informatics, the biotechnology industry training program, and the K-12 biotechnology training initiative.

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