Lauren Zeffer

2007-12-31-23.00.00-12Project title: Foraging preferences of the Eastern carpenter bee, Xylocopa virginica, in Rhode Island

Mentor: Steven R. Alm

Abstract: A three year study was conducted at 15 cultivated highbush blueberry farms throughout Rhode Island to determine native bee pollinator diversity and their fidelity to blueberry and other pollen. Numerically, the Eastern carpenter bee, Xylocopa virginica was one of the top five native pollinators captured in all three years and the number one collected in 2016. X. virginica collected a relatively low percentage of blueberry pollen (30%) compared to the other top four pollinators. Other pollen collected by X. virginica consisted of oak (33.1%), Rhododendron (13.0%), horsechestnut (10.4%), viburnum (8.8%), lily (5.5%), avens (5.0%), grape (4.9%), willow (4.3%), brambles (2.3%) and elm (2.1%).