Polygon overlap comparison among individual mappers to determine the replicability of a methodology to Geospatially Inventory Critical Coastal Infrastructure

Ryan DiPanni


The Caribbean is in great danger. Carribean decision makers must act quickly to plan for a disaster resilient future. This research uses a methodology based on heads-up digitizing. Which is an approach to provide risk assessment for vulnerable coastal infrastructure by geospatially inventorying critical facilities. To test the methodology in use, a validation exercise was developed. 10 volunteer mappers were invited to participate in the exercise and review the Standard Operating Procedure “SOP”. After reviewing the SOP each mapper then fully digitize 4 randomly selected facilities within the Caribbean to their best ability. Once completed, each submission was analyzed for shape accuracy to calculate the percentage of overlap for all polygons created. Upon receiving all submissions the total percentage overlap was calculated to be 72.8%. With the completion of the exercise a survey was sent out to gather information as to how each participant felt they were able to follow the material. The post-exercise survey feedback showed that the material used was in fact replicable proving the methodology to be functional.