Steven Sipolski

2007-12-31-23.00.00-17Project title: Attraction of Bombus impatiens and Xylocopa virginica to Japanese beetle lures and traps

Mentor: Steven R. Alm

Abstract: Two important native pollinator bee species, Bombus impatiens (Fig. 1) and Xylocopa virginica (Fig. 2) as well as other native bees were attracted to Japanese beetle (Fig. 3) floral lures and captured in Japanese beetle traps. Bombus impatiens was significantly more attracted to traps baited with geraniol and the three chemical blend (geraniol, eugenol, phenethyl propionate). Xylocopa virginica was more selective in that they were primarily attracted to the geraniol baited traps. Both species were less attracted to eugenol and phenethyl propionate baited traps. We captured 856 B. impatiens and 124 X. virginica in 15 days of trapping at two locations.