University announces policy for remote work for non-faculty employees

The University of Rhode Island is pleased to announce that it will return to fully in-person operations on July 12. This means that non-faculty employees who have been working remotely, either full- or part-time, will return full-time to the workplace from July 12 forward.

However, as an institution dedicated to continuous learning and improvement, the University acknowledges that there are situations when remote work arrangements are appropriate to improve productivity and job performance, as well as to promote administrative efficiencies, reduce transportation costs and associated environmental impacts, enhance work/life balance, and for other personal, family, or medical reasons.

Therefore, URI has issued a Policy on Remote Work for non-faculty employees. For information on eligibility and the approval process, as well as more detailed policy information, please see the Policy on Remote Work.

As we return to fully in-person operations, a brief extension beyond July 12 may be approved at the manager’s discretion for an employee who has been working remotely and who needs a bit more time to arrange transportation, camp, daycare, eldercare or similar services. See Short Term Remote Work in the Policy.

The Senior Leadership Team would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all URI employees who worked so hard, on campus and off, to successfully deliver a complete academic year in the face of huge challenges. We wish you a healthy and safe summer, and look forward to your return.