Reminder about campus community indoor mask mandate

Students, faculty and staff are reminded that the University has a universal indoor mask mandate. The mandate is a central part of our commitment to keeping our community as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every member of our community and our visitors are required to wear masks in all classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and common spaces such as the Carothers Library and Learning Commons. Faculty, staff and students are allowed to remove their masks when they are alone in their offices.

The Task Force has learned that some individuals, particularly students, have been removing masks in hallways, in the library, and other common areas. This is a violation of our policy.

If a student (or any other individual) refuses to wear a mask in class, or comply with any other university COVID-19 policies/requirements, that individual should be asked to leave the room or building. Faculty members should report students who violate the policy to the Office of Community Standards (providing the students name and ID number) for follow-up.

Employees who violate the policy should be referred to the Office of Human Resource Administration.

For your convenience, the COVID-19 Task Force maintains a summary of all COVID-19 requirements.

We are now a full month into the semester and we have had a remarkable response by all members of our community to vaccination, masking and testing mandates. However, community members will have to continue following University mandates and policies if we are to enjoy a dynamic in-person experience during this beautiful fall season.

The Task Force thanks everyone for their commitment to a healthy and safe campus.