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Outreach and Intervention


University students typically encounter a great deal of stress (i.e., academic, social, family, work, financial) during the course of their educational experience. While most students cope successfully with the demands of college life, for some the pressures can become overwhelming and unmanageable. Outreach and Intervention at the University of Rhode Island was established in June 2015 to better serve the needs of the campus community and struggling students.


Outreach and Intervention fosters student growth, development, and success by assisting students dealing with areas related to mental health, emotional wellbeing, and safety by providing outreach, resources, referrals, advocacy, and follow up services.

Outreach and Intervention at the University of Rhode Island receives referrals, provides assessments, and makes recommendations for students experiencing personal, emotional, or medical concerns. Our team collaborates and consults with students, parents, faculty, staff, and other campus resources (e.g., Campus Police, Counseling Center, Disability Services for Students, Health Services, Housing and Residential Life, Student Conduct, and Violence Prevention and Advocacy Services) to best address the diverse needs of each student.


Team members include:

Assistant Director of Outreach and Intervention

Jacqui Tisdale
Jacqui Tisdale, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Substance Abuse Prevention Services

Kelley Ryan, M.A., LMHC

Outreach and Intervention Interns (2017-2018)

Amanda Dickey

Meaghan Underhill

The following services are provided:

Case Management

The case manager may help a student:

  • Identify and problem solve barriers to academic and personal success.
  • Assess the type of assistance and resources needed.
  • Explore personal strengths, self-care and wellness strategies.
  • Develop or strengthen their support system.
  • Navigate and access on- and off-campus resources.
  • Stay on track with identified goals.
  • Overcome obstacles in accessing help.
  • Transition back to campus after a medical leave of absence, hospitalization, or difficult life circumstance.
  • Proactively address problems/stressors to avert more serious difficulties.

Substance Abuse Prevention

The Assistant Director of Substance Abuse Prevention Services provides a variety of workshops and trainings to meet the varied needs on campus. View more details here.


The team provides educational sessions for individuals that have been sanctioned through the Student Conduct system following a student development approach.

Behavioral Intervention

The Assistant Dean of Outreach and Intervention serves as the chair of URI’s Behavior Intervention Team, and along with other team members, provides support to faculty, staff, law enforcement, and family members to remediate the concern.

Care and Concern

The Assistant Director of Outreach and Intervention convenes the A.N.C.H.O.R. (Assessing, Needs, Care, Help, Outreach, Resources) Team.  A.N.C.H.O.R. serves as a coordinating hub for the network of existing campus resources with a focus on prevention/early intervention in situations involving individuals displaying concerning or disruptive behaviors, or navigating complex family and personal concerns that may impact academic progress. The team develops intervention plans specific to the needs of the individual on a case-by-case basis. Recommended support strategies and interventions  work in accordance with existing university policies.

Visit the Assisting Students: A Faculty and Staff Guide for detailed information on helping members of the URI community connect with appropriate professional resources.


Outreach and Intervention  primarily manages non-academic concerns. The team works closely with Early Alert Services (New Student Programs) to assist students in need of an academic intervention.

If you need assistance and/or are concerned about a student’s behavior or well-being, please contact the Outreach and Intervention team at 401-874-2098. Additionally, you may refer students to the team through the Early Alert Services referral form.

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