Providing healthcare practitioners with timely, evidence-based drug information


Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:00pm EST

The University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy Drug Information Services provides healthcare practitioners with timely, evidence-based drug information to promote the safe, rational use of medications while serving as a training site for University of Rhode Island Doctor of Pharmacy students and post-doctoral residents.

Drug Information Services has expertise and is available to assist in a variety of situations such as:

  • Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee support
  • Medication Use Evaluation development and support
  • Drug therapy guideline development


Our information is:

Accurate & Balanced

Questions from healthcare practitioners will be researched thoroughly by Drug Information Services using the extensive reference collection available at Drug Information Services Library at Avedisian Hall and the University of Rhode Island library.


We understand that all questions are important. We do our best to answer questions in a timely manner. Most questions can be answered quickly; however, some questions may require more time to ensure a thorough, complete response.Our priority for questions is based on acuteness of need:             

1. Patient-specific questions
2. Questions dealing with general patient care
3. Questions that do not directly affect patient care

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Drug information questions may include, but are not limited to:       

  • Therapeutic use of drugs and therapeutic alternatives
  • Appropriate dosing and administration
  • Toxicity of drugs (i.e., adverse effects)
  • Drug-drug, drug-food inter-actions
  • Dosing adjustments for renal/ hepatic insufficiency
  • Drug use in pregnancy and lactation
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Drug monitoring for efficacy and toxicity
  • Intravenous compatibility
  • Alternative medications and natural products
  • Foreign drugs



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