Emergency Notification System

The University of Rhode Island uses an emergency notification system, URI Alert, that allows news and instructions to be sent quickly to all members of the University community in the event of an emergency.

URI Alert uses services offered by RAVE, the technology leader in Intelligent Notification (IN®) solutions. Through this system, the University is able to deliver emergency notices simultaneously via voicemail, text-messaging and email to the entire student, faculty and staff population within minutes.

This system is also used to provide immediate notification of class cancellation(s) in the event of weather events, such as severe snowstorms.

The effectiveness of this system depends upon individuals providing up-to-date personal contact information. We ask you to partner with the University in registering your cell phone number, as well as other emergency contact information, so that University officials can communicate with you wherever you happen to be.

The new system augments existing emergency communications tools long used by the university, including web postings, e-mail, voicemail and an automated message line, but will take advantage of new technologies to support a fully integrated and coordinated emergency communications program.

How you can participate

Providing current information is the best way to ensure that you will be reached in the event of an emergency. Please take a few minutes now to register or update your contact information. All information is secure and confidential.

If you haven’t done so already, please:

1. Log onto eCampus  to update your contact information. It does take 48 business hours for any additions or changes. Student eCampus Faculty/Staff eCampus

2. If you don’t remember your campus ID or password, contact the URI Help Desk, 874-4357

3. After logging onto eCampus, select the “URI Emergency Alert System” choice from the left-hand menu, (as shown here at right) and follow the related links.

ALL: Update your preferred email address, off-campus and cell phone numbers. This emergency contact information will NOT be included in the University’s online or print directories. Data is stored in a completely different database.

The URI Alert Notification System includes:

• Prioritized communication device options — from smartphones to laptops to email addresses – for users to receive emergency notifications according to their preference.

If there is an emergency affecting the University community, whether you live on campus, down-the-line, or anywhere off-site the URI Alert notification system will keep participating community members informed.

Remember, to report an unsafe or emergency situation, call 911 or:

  • Campus police at 874-4910
  • Narragansett Police at 789-1011
  • South Kingstown Police at 783-3341