Previous Ph.D. Dissertations


  • Zhu, Zhenghan, Advisor: Dr. Steven Kay, “Some Contributions to Radar Detection Theory”, Abstract
  • Zhong, Xiangnan, Advisor: Dr. Haibo He, “On-Line Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Feedback Control”, Abstract
  • Yan, Jun, Advisor: Dr. Haibo He, “Smart Grid Security Against Massive Blackouts”, Abstract
  • Adhibhatta, Syama, Advisor: Dr. Jay Wang, “Biological Process: Characterization, Establishment of Shelf Life and Optimizing Method Transfers”, Abstract
  • Chen, Zhen, Advisor: Dr. Tao Wei, “Sub-Terahertz Range Fiber Optic Devices for Sensing Applications”, Abstract


  • Cogun, Fuat, Advisor: Dr. Steven Kay, “Multimodal Moving Target Detection and Data Processing Via Distributed Sensors”, Abstract
  • Kane, Jason, Advisor: Dr. Qing Yang, “Research Into Computer Hardware Acceleration of Data Reduction and SVMS”, Abstract
  • Palka, Thomas, Advisor: Dr. Richard Vaccaro, “Bounds and Algorithms for Subspace Estimation on Riemannian Quotient Submanifolds”, Abstract
  • Feltane, Amal, Advisor: Dr. G. Faye Boudreaux-Bartels, “Time-Frequency Based Methods for Non-Stationary Signal Analysis with Application To EEG Signals”, Abstract
  • Costa, Russell, Advisor: Dr. Steven Kay, “Information Geometric Probability Models in Statistical Signal Processing”, Abstract
  • Tang, Bo, Advisor: Dr. Haibo He, “Toward Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems: Algorithms, Architectures, and Applications”, Abstract
  • Tang, Yufei, Advisor: Dr. Haibo He, “A Computational Intelligence Framework for Smart Grid”, Abstract


  • Zeng, Yongbo, Advisor: Dr. Yan Sun, “Attack-Resistant Digital Reputation and Privacy Assessment in Social Media”, Abstract
  • Peddinti, Vijay Kumar, Advisor: Dr. Ramdas Kumaresan, “Synchrony Capture Filterbank (SCFB): Auditory-Inspired Signal Processing for Frequency Tracking”, Abstract
  • Ni, Zhen, Advisor: Dr. Haibo He, “Goal Representation Adaptive Dynamic Programming for Machine Intelligence”, Abstract
  • Boudria, Yacine, Advisor: Dr. Walter Besio, “Tracking Control for Non-Minimum Phase System and Brain Computer Interface”, Abstract
  • Adochite, Ramona Cosmina, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Design and Development of pH-Sensitive Peptides for Cancer Diagnostics”, Abstract
  • McGee, James, Advisor: Dr. Peter Swaszek, “Applying Diversity to Mitigate Interference in Underwater Acoustic Communication Networks”, Abstract


  • Zhu, Yihai, Advisor: Dr. Yan Sun, “Multifaceted Attack Analysis on Power Grids”, Abstract
  • Hernandez, Robert, Advisor: Dr. Qing Yang, “SVM-Based Volitional Artificial Leg Control via Ubiquitous Small and Low Power Architectures”, Abstract


  • Ozturk, Celal, Advisor: Dr. Resit Sendag, “Analyzing and Quantifying Dynamc Program Behavior in Terms of Regularities and Patterns”, Abstract
  • Liu, Xiang, Advisor: Dr. Walter Besio, “A Comparison of Tripolar Concentric Ring Electrodes to Disc Electrodes and an EEG Real-Time Seizure Detector Design”, Abstract
  • Zhang, Xiaorong, Advisor: Dr. Qing Yang, “On Design and Implementation of an Embedded System for Neural-Machine Interface for Artificial Legs”, Abstract


  • Ding, Quan, Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Statistical Signal Processing and its Applications to Detection, Model Order Selection, and Classification”, Abstract
  • Ren, Jin, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Architecture and Performance Evaluation of Data Storage Systems”, Abstract


  • Xiao, Weijun, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Design and analysis of high-performance and recoverable data storages”, Abstract


  • Chen, Chuen-Song, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “On-Chip Current and Power Measurement Techniques for Integrated Circuits with Regulated Power”, Abstract
  • DiCecco, John, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “A Sequential Algorithm for Biological Event Detection Based on the Analysis of Statistical Non-Stationarity”, Abstract
  • Xu, Cuichun, Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Statistical processing of radar, sonar, and optical signals”, Abstract
  • Yang, Yafei, Advisor: Dr. Yan Sun, “Trust establishment in computer networks: Theories and applications”, Abstract


  • Klock, J. Cathy, Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Rapid Whole Body Hypothermia: Analysis and Modeling”, Abstract


  • Dong, Rumei, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Modeling of the Cardiovascular System with Integrated Finite Element and Electrical Analog Methods”, Abstract
  • Kasturi, Prasan, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “A CAD Tool for Analog and Mixed Signal CMOS Circuits”, Abstract
  • Sarma, Ashwin, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “NonParametric Approaches for Analysis and Design of Incoherent Adaptive CFAR Detectors”, Abstract


  • Choi, Younhee, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Modeling and Parameter Estimation of Cardiopulmonary Dynamics”, Abstract
  • Johnson, Gregory W., Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Loran: Creating a Viable Backup for GPS”, Abstract
  • Toolan, Timothy M., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Advances in Sliding Window Subspace Tracking”, Abstract
  • Zhang, Ming, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Toward High Performance and Highly Reliable Storage Service”, Abstract


  • Gabriel, Joseph R., Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Invariant Hypothesis Testing with Applications in Signal Processing”, Abstract
  • Lee, Sangmok, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design of an Acoustic Data Storage Tag for Long Range Fish Tracking in the Ocean”, Abstract
  • Wu, Jiang, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Instrumentation of the Universal Clamp and Modeling in Biochemistry”, Abstract


  • Guo, Yu-Yau, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Behavioral Modeling and Simulations of Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits with Process Variations and Physical Defects”, Abstract
  • Khan, Fyzodeen, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Detection of Masses in X-Ray Mammograms”, Abstract
  • Xia, Tian, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “On-Chip Timing Measurement”, Abstract


  • He, Xubin, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Design and Performance Evaluation of Networked Storage Architectures”, Abstract
  • Ko, Seok-Bum, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Efficient FPGA Realizations Based on and/or Expressions”, Abstract


  • Saha, Supratim, Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Optimal Estimation of Nonlinear and Linear Parameters in General Linear Models”, Abstract
  • Wu, Su-Hsiu, Advisors: Dr. Ohley and Dr. Polk, “Analysis of a Proposed Model For Detection Of Magnetic Fields by Biological System”, Abstract


  • Akay, Olcay, Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Unitary and Hermitian Fractional Operators and Their Extensions: Fractional Mellin Transform, Joint Fractional Representations and Fractional Correlations”, Abstract
  • Davis, Alan, J., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Parasitic Error Compensation in Cascaded Sigma-Delta Modulators”, Abstract
  • Freburger, Brian E., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “ Principal Components Inverse: Comparisons and Applications for Rapidly Adaptive Detection”, Abstract
  • Murray, Robin, L., Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “New Classes of Higher Order Time-Frequency Representations”, Abstract


  • Armitage, William, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “On the Use of Undefined Logic Values in Digital VLSI”, Abstract
  • Giannopoulos, Evangelos H., Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Optimum Techniques in Multi-Sensor Multi-Tracking and Track Association”, Abstract
  • Jones, William H., Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Test-Based Decoding for Digital Communication Systems”, Abstract
  • Levine, Peter J., Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Monte Carlo Simulation of Block Coded Data”, Abstract


  • Flint, Thomas W., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Performance Analysis of Subspace Methods in State-Space System Identification”, Abstract
  • Hu, Yiming, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Design and Performance Evaluation of New I/O Architectures”, Abstract
  • Iem, Byeong-Gwan, Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Generalization of the Weyl Symbol and the Spreading Function Via Time-Frequency Warpings: Theory and Application”, Abstract
  • Macleod, Robert B., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Subspace Processing of Weak Signals Masked by Underwater Reverberation Due to Active Sonar”, Abstract


  • Adeyeme, Olufemi A., Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Multifractal Analysis of Unvoiced Speech Signals”, Abstract
  • Rao, Ashwin, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Signal Analysis Using Product Expansions Inspired by the Auditory Periphery”, Abstract
  • Real, Edward Christopher, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Detection and Classification in a High Clutter Environment”, Abstract
  • Song, Peilin, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Unified Approach for Digital VLSI Test Generation”, Abstract


  • Ames, Gregory H., Advisor: Dr. Lengyel, “Design Optimization of Indium-Gallium-Arsenide-Phosphide Multi-Quantum Will Electroabsorption Modulators”, Abstract
  • Habboosh, Amir W., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Delay/Doppler Estimation in a Multipath Environment”, Abstract
  • Harrison, Brian F., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Robust Matched-Field Processing: A Subspace Approach”, Abstract
  • Qian, Xiaoshu, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Tracking the Frequency Components in Speech and Music Signals”, Abstract
  • Ruiz-Riquer, Gustavo O., Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Novel Results on Propagation Characteristics in Optical Fibers”, Abstract
  • Sun, Tong, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Design and Performance Evaluation of Cache Memories for High Performance Computers”, Abstract


  • Antonelli, Lynn T., Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Pressure Event Detection Based on the Dyadic Wavelet Transform”
  • Li, Qi, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Classification Using Principal Features With Application to Speaker Verification”
  • MacInnes, Craig S., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Analysis of Small and Large Perturbations of Matrix Subspaces”
  • Papandreou-Suppappola, Antonia, Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “New Classes of Quadratec Time-Frequency Representations With Scale Covariance and Generalized Time-Shift Covariance: Analysis Detection and Estimation”
  • Ramalingam, C.S., Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Analysis of Non-Stationary Multi-Component Signals With Application to Speech”
  • Sridhar, Balakrishnan, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Rare Earth Doped Fiber Amplifiers for the First Telecommunication Window”, Abstract
  • Wang, Hong, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Resource Allocation for High Performance Computer Systems”


  • Anupindi, Nagesh, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Data Partition and Migration for High Performance Computation in Distributed Memory Multiprocessors”
  • Bao, Jun, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Gain Flattened Wideband Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers”, Abstract
  • Bartczak, Andrew, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “Hardware Implementation of Adaptive Self-Organizing Concurrent Systems”
  • Costa, Antonio Horacio, Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Multiform Tiltable Time-Frequency Representations and Masked Auto Wigner Distribution Synthesis”
  • Ding, Yinong, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Subspace-Based Parameter Estimation for Array Signal Processing”, Abstract
  • Ge, Hongya, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Efficient Methods for High Resolution Parameter Estimation and Ambiguity Resolution”
  • Kim, Chang H., Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Computer Simulation of the Intra Aortic Balloon Pump: A Timing Control Algorithm in the Presence of Arrhythmia”
  • Manickam, Thulasinath G., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Estimation in a Multipath Environment”
  • Nekovei, Reza, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Adaptive Detection of Coronary Arteries From Angiogram”
  • Shah, Abhijit A., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Development and Analysis of Techniques for Order Determination and Signal Enhancement”
  • Suppappola, Seth B., Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Modeling Electrocardiogram Waveforms and Evaluating QRS Detectors”


  • Bastien, Steven P., Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Experimental and Theoretical Study of Erbium Doped Fiber Optical Amplifiers”
  • Cayula, Jean-Francois, Advisor: Dr. Cornillon, “Automatic Front Detection Using a Sequence of SST Images”
  • Edelson, Geoffrey S., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “On the Estimation of Source Location Using a Passive Towed Array”
  • Fortin, Christopher S., Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Computer Aided Segmentaion of Magnetic Resonance Images of the Human Heart”
  • Kottke, Dane P., Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Motion Analysis of Image Sequences Contating Deformable Objects With Variable Intensity”
  • Nagesha, Venkatesh, Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Spectral Analysis Based on the Canonical Autoregressive Decomposition”
  • Umesh, S., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Fast Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Parameters in Crowded Signal Environments”
  • Wilson, Elizabeth J., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Transient Detection and Feature Extraction Using Neural Networks”


  • Abdelkader, Hatem, Advisor: Dr. Lengyel, “Electroabsorption in Multiple Quantum Well Structures”
  • Ghosh, Debashis, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “Performance of Delta Networks Using Self Routing Multiple Channel Crossbar Switches Implemented in VLSI”
  • Graham, Marcus L., Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “A Hierarchical Approach to Estimation, With Application to Target Motion Analysis”
  • Hartnett, Richard J., Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Improved Methods for Efficient FIR and IIR Digital Filter Design and Implementation”
  • Herchen Jr, James Raymond, Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Investigation of a Simplified Adaptive IIR Filter”
  • Kim, Jong Seong, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Thin Film Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Preparation Doping and Characterization of Structural and Opto-Electronic Properties”
  • Liu, Iching, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Very Limited-View Reconstruction of Three Dimension Tree-Like Structures”
  • Singh, Anjali, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “The Effects of Neutron Irradiation and Temperature on Optical Fibers and Materials”


  • Chen, Haiguang, Advisor: Dr. Jackson, “Two-Dimensional Autoregressive Modeling by Autocorrelation Fitting and Applications to Signal Processing”
  • Kadambe, Shubha, Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “The Application of Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Representations in Speech Analysis”
  • Kirsteins, Ivars P., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Analysis of Reduced-Rank Interference Cancellation”
  • Ozguc, Ismail Hakki, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Advanced Switched-Capacitor Circuits”


  • Baggenstoss, Paul M., Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Optimal Processors for Detection of Broadband Planewave Signals in Gaussian Noise of Unknown Covariance”
  • Djuric, Petar M., Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Selection of Signal and System Models by Bayesian Predictive Densities”
  • Kaikhah, Khosrow, Advisor: Dr. Fasching, “Natural Language Processing for Intellingent Systems”
  • Li, Fu, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “A Unified Performance Analysis of Subspace-based DOA Estimation Algorithms in Array Signal Processing”
  • Valliath, George Thomas, Advisor: Dr. Lengyel, “Spectral Dependence of the Electro-Optica Coefficients and the Quantum Efficiency Near the Bad Edge in GaAs/AlGaAs Multiple Quantum Well Modulator Structures”


  • Farahani, Majid M., Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Invariant Image Recognition Using Projections”
  • Gupta, Prabhat Kumar, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Stochastic and Deterministic Computing Using Psuedo-Noise Sequences”
  • Kot, Alex C., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Perturbation Analysis of SVD-Based Methods”
  • Lakshmanasamy, S., Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Inverse Scattering Theory Applications to Optical Waveguides”
  • Oh, Il-Whan, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Analysis and Design of External Cavity Semiconductor Lasers for Coherent Lightwave Communication Systems”
  • Rachaedine, Mohammed, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “CMOS Switched Capacitor Filters for High Frequency Applications”


  • Barton, Melbourne, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Channel Identification and Equalization Algorithms”
  • Efron, Adam J., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Robust Detection in Impulsive Environments”
  • Fan, Zhigang, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Segmentation and Classification of Textured Images”
  • Hanidu, Ganiyu Ademola, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Compensation and Doping of Amorphous Semiconductor Alloys”
  • Lemay, Gerald Julien, Advisor: Dr. Jackson, “Reflection Functions Derived from Impulse Response Estimates As Applied to Musical Instrument Tone Synthesis”
  • Melissinos, Costantinos D., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “The Prony-Lanczos Method for Singular-Value/Vector Matrix Computations With Application to Digital Signal Processing”


  • Gedam, Subhash Ganpatrao, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Radiation Effects and Propagation in Optical Fibers and Components”
  • Gross, Richard W., Advisor: Dr. Lengyel, “Amalysis of Local Oscillator Intensity Noise in Optical Homodyne Systems”
  • Pereira, Jorge Manuel Torres, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Doping of Amorphous Semiconductor Alloys”
  • Shaw, Arnab Kumar, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Structured Matrix Approximation Problems in Signal Processing”
  • Smith, Bruce D., Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Computer-Aided Tomographic Imaging From Cone-Beam Data”


  • Jeung, Yeun Cheul, Advisor: Dr. Sadasiv, “Analydid, Computer Simulation, and Properties of Semiconductor Dynamic Memories for VLSI Implementation”
  • Parthasarathy, S., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Signal Modeling by Exponential Segments and Application to the Analysis and Systhesis of Voiced Speech”


  • Dutta, Ranjan, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Hydrogen and Fluorine Incorporation in Tetrahedrally Bonded Amorphous Semiconductor Films”


  • Katsinis, Costantine, Advisor: Dr. Poularikas, “Study of a Multicomputer System With Applications to Zooplankton Recognition”
  • Kumaresan, Ramdas, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Estimating the Parameters of Exponentially Damped Or Undamped Sinusoidal Signals in Noise”
  • Nair, Krishna Kumar P., Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Electrical Conduction in Amorphous Silicon Carbice and a Morphous Gallium Arsinide”
  • Nardone, Steve Craig, Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Fundamental Properties and Performance of Bearings-Only Target Localization and Motion Analysis”


  • Chien, Hws-Chuang, Advisor: Dr. Jackson, “Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation”


  • Kao, Chiiming, Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Investigation of Intraaortic Balloon Pumping By a Cardiovascular Model”
  • Kim, Young, Advisor: Dr. Jackson, “State-Space Structures for Digital Filters”
  • McCrady, Dennis D., Advisor: Dr. Spence, “Analysis of Error & Noise Sources Incohrent Optical Processor”
  • Muthukrishnan, Shankar, Advisor: Dr. Jaron, “Aortic Blood Flow Estimation From Pressure Measurements”


  • Chen, Nai-Yung, Advisor: Dr. Birk, “Visually Estimating Workpiece Pose in a Robot Hand Using the Feature Points Method”
  • Kuklinski, Walter, Advisor: Dr. Jaron, “Closed-loop Control of Intraaortic Balloon Pumping: Studies Using a Computer Simulation and Animal Experiments”


  • Mulrooney, Timothy Joseph, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Microprogrammed Digital Signal Processing”


  • Arena, Dennis James, Advisor: Dr. Jaron, “Time and Frequency Domain Representations of the Left Ventricle ; Theoretical and Experimental Results”
  • Breton, Joseph R., Advisor: Dr. Middleton, “A General Theory of Acoustic Propagation with Applications to Strong Acoustic Scattering in the Atmosphere and Ocean”
  • Hsing, To Russell, Advisor: Dr. Poularikas, “Evaluation of Electro-optical Systems Operating in Turbulent Media”
  • McCollough, W. Vance, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Computer-aided Analysis of Camera Tubes”
  • Pridham, Roger Gregory, Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Imaging of Volume Objects By Shadow Casting”


  • Anagnostopoulos, Konstantinos Nikolaou, Advisor: Dr. Sadasiv, “Studies in Solid State Image Sensors”
  • Curry, Thomas John, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “A Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of Transit Detector Performance in the Time Varying Noise of the Ocean”
  • Guha, Deb K., Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Imaging By Shadow Casting”
  • Paul, Alakananda M., Advisor: Dr. Polk, “Study of Resonance Line Splitting At Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) in the Earth-ionosphere Cavity”


  • Bhopale, Arvind M., Advisor: Dr. Kelley, “Optimum Pulse Amplitude Modulation in the Presence of Phase Jitter and Frequency Offset in a High-speed Data Communication System”
  • Clayton, Manfred D., Advisor: Dr. Polk, “Estimation of Worldwide Thunderstorm Activity from Schumann Resonance Data”
  • Levinson, Stephen Eliot, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Automatic Speech Recognition”
  • Mucci, Ronald A., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Design of Spatial and Temporal Filters for Rejection of Localized Interferences”
  • Paul, Dilip Kumar, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Electrical and Optical Properties of Amorphous Semiconductors”
  • Tsay, Yet Ful, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Band Structures of Semiconductors: The Effects of Temperature, Pressure and Disorder”


  • Colella, Albert Michael, Advisor: Dr. Roxin, “Design Criteria and Algorithms for Adaptive Control Systems”
  • Tran, Anh, Advisor: Dr. Polk, “Relation of Lower Ionosphere Conductivity Profiles to ELF Wave Propagation and Resonances in the Earth-ionosphere Waveguide”


  • Belanger, Brian Norman, Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Stability of Propagation Systems”
  • Namjoshi, Kashinath Vishnu, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Lattice Dynamics and Anharmonicity of Diatomic Cubic Crystals”
  • Walsh, George M., Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Properties of Acoustic Signals Reflected from a Rough Surface”


  • Dence, David Francis, Advisor: Dr. Spence, “The Mean Green’s Dyadic and Medium Description for a Random Uniaxial Anisotropic Medium”
  • Fessenden, Dennis Eisnor, Advisor: Dr. Polk, “An Investigation of the Dipole Antenna Over Stationary and Time-varying Irregular Surfaces”
  • Hall, James Alexander, Advisor: Dr. Nudelman, “Uniform Layer Heterojunction Targets for Television Camera Tubes — a Feasibility Assessment”
  • Singh, Rama Shankar, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “A Study of Point Defects in Insulators and Semiconductors”


  • Barrett, Alfred Henry, Advisor: Dr. Middleton, “The Measurement of Wind Generated Waves in the Deep Ocean”
  • Creedon, Jeremiah Francis, Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Discrete Control of Linear Distributed Systems with Application to the Deformable Primary Mirror of a Large Orbiting Telescope”
  • Potter, Roy F., Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Band Structure and the Optical Constants of SnTe”
  • Toomey, John Patrick, Advisor: Dr. Polk, “Location of Sources of ELF Noise of the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity by Analysis of Schumann Spectra”
  • Viccione, Daniel Michael, Advisor: Dr. Middleton, “Detection of Underwater Signals in Reverberation Fields with Non-vanishing Velocity Gradients”


  • Buratti, Richard Joseph, Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Existence and Stability of Inherent Waveforms on Nonlinear Transmission Lines”
  • DiNapoli, Frederick Richard, Advisor: Dr. Middleton, “Acoustic Propagation in a Stratified Medium”
  • Feder, Michael Paul, Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Stability and Optimization of a Class of Multivariable Systems”
  • Vetelino, John Frank, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Lattice Dynamics of Ionic and Partially Ionic Crystals”


  • Chang, Ifay, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Harmonic and Anharmonic Interactions in Long Wavelength Optical Phonons in Ionic Crystals”
  • Fain, Gilbert, Advisor: Dr. Middleton, “Signal Theory Applied to Continuous Seismic Profiling”


  • Abbas, Muhammad, Advisor: Dr. Polk, “Hydromagnetic Waves in the Ionosphere: Propagation Through Inhomogeneous and Current Carrying Regions”


  • LeBlanc, Lester Robert, Advisor: Dr. Hill, “An Analysis of Underwater Acoustic Backscatter”


  • Cretella, John Paul, Advisor: Dr. Spence, “Decomposition of Fourier Type Integrals into a Form Suitable for Obtaining Near to Far Field Representations for a Class of Electromagnetic Boundary Value Problems”


  • D’Antonio, Renato Anthony, Advisor: Dr. Hill, “Communication Characteristics of an Underwater Acoustic Signal Reflected from a Space and Time Random Surface”