Advancing human potential

The world needs engineers with vision. At URI’s College of Engineering, you’ll find opportunities to work alongside visionary researchers developing technologies that will improve lives, expand knowledge, and traverse new frontiers.

Engineer your success! Engineering students play a central role in the new technologies being developed here. Guided by faculty mentors, they’re improving access to clean drinking water in rural communities around the world, developing new sensor technologies for robots, and discovering biomedical technologies that help identify and treat disease. Our students participate in internships around the world, some working on multinational teams to discover sustainable energy solutions or design fuel-efficient automotive systems. Become part of a research community that advances human potential—and believes in your potential to make your mark on the world.


The College of Engineering offers more than 25 programs from five departments. Our faculty win some of the most competitive grants and awards in their fields.

International Engineering Program

A national model for engineering and language education

See the World
The first program of its kind, the International Engineering Program (IEP) trains bilingual, culturally competent, global engineers.



  • US Navy names future ship for URI alumnus, professor Robert Ballard - The U.S. Navy has announced that a future Pathfinder-class oceanography survey ship will be named in honor of University of Rhode Island alumnus and Professor of Oceanography Robert Ballard.
  • Ash Giri in lab Ash Giri Published in Nature - Of all of the honors in science and engineering, being published in the journal Nature is at the top of the list. Congratulations to URI Engineering assistant professor Ash Giri and his student C.J. Dionne on their recent publication. Ash’s research is related to nanoscale thermal transport, energy conversion and storage, nano mechanics, condensed matter […]
  • College of Engineering faculty and staff awards End-of-the-Year Awards Presented to College of Engineering Faculty and Staff - Dean Anthony Marchese presented end-of-the-year awards to faculty and staff members during the College of Engineering’s holiday event on Dec. 16. The recipients were nominated by their peers and by engineering students.
  • Frank White chalkboard Celebrating the Legacy of Frank M. White - A couple of months before the Frank M. White legacy panel was unveiled in Bliss Hall in November, the impact the former engineering professor had was represented in a collection of testimonials, some of which were published in the journal Physics of Fluids.


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Advanced Materials
Developing the building blocks for resilient structures

Alternative Energy
Envisioning a sustainable future

Finding solutions that improve lives

Water for the World
Ensuring access for every person the world

Cyber Security
Safegarding our nation’s information systems

Tapping into the power of small particles

Creating technology to help us go further

Expanding what we can detect in the world

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