Electrical Engineering, M.S.

Graduate Student Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate deep knowledge of the nuances that underlie broad-level core fundamentals of Electrical Engineering.
  2. Students will defend research methodology, results, and interpretations at the levels required for peer-reviewed publications in technical journals.
  3. Graduates will have the ability to apply knowledge of advance mathematics, science, and engineering for solving problems in Electrical Engineering.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate advanced level skills in laboratory measurements and/ or computational usage to
    solve engineering problems or conduct research in Electrical Engineering.
  5. Graduates will have an ability to communicate effectively using written and oral methods appropriate to engineering activities.
  6. Students will conduct research that deploys principles of Electrical Engineering.
  7. Students will produce manuscripts that document their research for peer-reviewed journals and/or patents.
  8. Graduates have developed reasonable conclusions based on their findings.
  9. Graduates will demonstrate high quality of technical and/or scientific written and oral communication methods.
  10. Graduates are able to develop meaningful discussions and conclusions from their findings.
  11. Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge in topics beyond the core Electrical Engineering fields.
  12. Students will integrate and apply Electrical Engineering knowledge beyond the core fields.
  13. Graduates will demonstrate advanced competences in retrieving information from reputable sources.
  14. Graduates will participate in activities with professional societies, organizations, short courses, conferences, or workshops relevant to Electrical Engineering.