Electrical Engineering, M.S.

Admission requirements

GRE and B.S. degree in electrical, computer, or biomedical engineering, physics, mathematics, or computer science. GRE may be waived for candidates who earned the B.S. degree from an accredited U.S. program with a GPA of 3.00 or higher. Preparation in related fields may be acceptable; contact the Graduate Director.

Program requirements

Thesis or non-thesis option—minimum of 30 credits in science and engineering with a minimum of 16 credits in graduate-level electrical engineering courses. One credit of the departmental seminar (ELE 601 or ELE 602) is required of all students. Up to two credits of seminar (one each of ELE 601 and ELE 602) may be used toward the 30-credit master’s requirement. Individual programs are designed in accordance with students’ backgrounds and interests, but require departmental and Graduate School approval. For the thesis option, the thesis counts as six to nine credits, but more than six credits requires prior written justification and approval by the student’s thesis committee, and the Graduate Program Director or Department Chair. For the non-thesis option, either a) successful completion of ELE 598 Master’s Project, or b) a written comprehensive examination and one course involving significant independent research and a substantial paper is required.