Electrical Engineering, M.S.

Previous Masters Theses


  • Hernandez, Robert, “Design and Development of an Embedded System for Svm-Based Volitional Artificial Leg Control”


  • Aribisala, Henry, “Maximizing Solar Power Efficiency by Tracking”
  • Barr, Simon, “Networked Differential Global Positioning System Methods”
  • Duarte, Ronald, “Improving Performance of Data-Parallel Applications on Cpu-Gpu Heterogeneous Systems”
  • Faella, John, “On Performance of GPU And DSP Architectures for Computationally Intensive Applications”
  • Forbes, Timothy, “Mouse HCI Through Combined EMG And IMU”
  • Liu, Xiang, “A Comparison of Tripolar Concentric Ring Electnodes to Disc Electnodes and an EEG Real Time Seizure Dector Design”
  • Luo, Fu, “Ultra-Low Power Pll Design and Jitter Analysis”
  • Ozturk, Celal, “Extending Stride Prefetching Algorithm”
  • Zhang, Xiarong, “On Design And Implementation of an Embedded System For Neural-Machine Interface for Artificial Legs”
  • Zierfuss, Andre, “The Impact of Data Complexity on Security Management Resulting From Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2i) Applications”


  • Amani, Matin, “Oxide Materials Discovery for High Temperature Sensing and Energy Harvesting Applications”
  • Li, Xuan, “Managing Cloud Computing Energy Demand in the Smart Grid Environment”
  • Rafferty, Kyle, “A Computational Model Using the Dicom Viewer Osirix for Detectiono of Hypertension within the Pulmonary Artery”
  • Vankayalapati, Naresh, “Asymptotically Optimal Detection and Localization of Emitters of LPI Signals Using Multiple Sensors”
  • Zhang, Chi, “A Virtual Reality Platform for Evaluating a Neural-Controlled Artificial Leg”


  • Gunaratnam, Paul Aravindan, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design and Simulation of Class D Amplifier Using “ON Semiconductor’s” Power Sense 5 Processes”, Abstract
  • Ozturk, Celal, Advisor: Dr. Sendag, “Dynamic Branch Misprediction Classification”, Abstract
  • Simoneau, Willard G., Advisor: Dr. Sendag, “An FPGA-based Platform for Testing and Analysis of Microprocessor Architectural Techniques: Design, Implementation, and Use”, Abstract


  • Hernandez, Robert, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design and Performance Evaluation of a Hybrid TFTP Based Protocol”
  • Kane, Jason, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Development of a hybrid TFTP Application”
  • Wyman, Grant, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “A Software Radio Testbed for Coast Guard Communication and Navigation Applications”


  • Biermeyer, Lars, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Developing High Performance Vision Systems for Autonomous Mobile Robots”
  • Laidler, Andrew, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Current Monitoring and IDDQ Methods Applied to Analog and Mixed-Signal Automotive Integrated Circuits”
  • Lou, Fu, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Calibration Techniques for Cyclic/Pipeline ADC With Error Correction”
  • Mrvaljevic, Nikola, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “Voice Activated Nurse Call System”


  • Taylor, Vince, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for an Autonomous Ground Vehicle”


  • Arellano, Carlos Daniel, Advisor: Dr. Gregory, “Design and Fabrication of a Wireless Strain Gauge for Gas Turbine Engine Applications”
  • Everett, Daniel, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Design, Construction, and Analysis of An Autonomous Ground Vehicle”
  • Hu, Biao, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Pitch Estimation Based on Frequency Domain Zero Crossings of a Speech Signal”
  • Langer, Gregor, Advisor: Dr. Miller, “Phase and Travel Variations of Acoustic Normal Modes in Shallow Water”
  • Li, Han, Advisor: Dr. Vetter, “Fiber Orientation in C2 Continuous Cardiac Geometrics”
  • Mannings, Larry D., Advisor: Dr. Davis, “IC Implementation of a Digital Filter for a Sigma-Delta Modulator”
  • Panchal, Nitesh, Advisor: Dr. Kumersan, “Signal Representation Using Time or Frequency Level Crossings”
  • Parys, Timothy, A., Advisor: Dr. Yang, “A Methodology for Concurrent Cache Memory Simulation”
  • Schukfeh, Muhammed Ihab, Advisor: Dr. Mardix, “Computerized Analysis of X-Ray Oscillation Photographs of Polytypes of Zinc Sulfide”


  • Akkinapally, Sesha Smruti, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design and Implementation of 8 Bit Successive Approximation ADC at 1 MHZ”
  • Basu, Partha Sarathi, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design and Implementation of a Multi-Bit Modulator in 0.5 m CMOS Process for 600 KHz A/D Conversion with 10 MHz Sampling Rate”
  • Behme, Florian, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Modeling, Simulation and Control of A 2-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum”
  • Fellow, Gregory, Advisor: Dr. Yan Sun, “A Novel Component-Based Authentication System for Ad-Hoc Networks”
  • Hartshorn, Lee, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Modeling and Analyzing the Performance of Loran-C9TH Pulse Modulation Techniques”
  • Jansen, Thomas, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Speech Signal Representation Emulating the Auditory Periphery”
  • Kesbergh, Christoph, Advisor: Dr. Ying Sun, “An Electronically Modeled Reciprocal Inhibitory Oscillator”
  • Peters, Keith, Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Unbiased Estimation of the Phase of a Sinusoid”
  • Werner, Florian, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Embedded Mission Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Based on Moos”
  • Whitford, Andrew S., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Evaluation of the Subspace Swap Approach to Performance Modeling for Single-Frequency Estimation”
  • Yilmazer, Ayse, Advisor: Dr. Sendag, “Investigating Effects of Wrong-Path Memory References in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors”


  • Armstrong, Christopher M., Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Investigating the Use of Wide Area Agmentated System (WAAS) as a Navigational Tool for Coast Guard and Civilian Maritime Use”
  • Brunberg, Anja, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Digital Control and Simulation of a Michaelson Interferometer for Step Scanning Mode”
  • Davis, Ronald L., Advisor: Dr. Vetter, “Using the Microchip Picmicro MCU to Create Adaptable Assistive Devices”
  • Chintanpalli, Ananthakrishna, Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “High Pass Filter Design Using a Modified Wavelet Denoising Algorithm”
  • Elsdoefer, Erik R., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Robust Observer Design for Observer-Based Regulation”
  • Krishnan, Sudarsan, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Synchronization Recovery of Reed-Solomon Codes”
  • Mahajan, Vikrant, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Design & Simulation of DWDM Fiber Optics Communication Systems”
  • Majumdar, Pranab, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Estimating the Directions of Arrival of Signals Impinging on an Array of Sensors Using New Weighted Subspace Fitting Approach Based on Subspace Perturbation Expansion”
  • Nandigam, Ashakranthi, Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Simulation of Trabecular Bone Micro Architecture in Bone Repair”
  • Quinn, Kevin, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Method of Encoding Digital Information Into a Roadbed Which Can be Sensed, Decoded, and Displayed to a Vehicle Operator”
  • Sperling, Christian H. R., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Digital Temperature-Control of a Computer System by Clocking”
  • Sundararaman, Arun, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Improved Feature Extraction for Robust Speech Recognition Using Frequency Warping”
  • Vankayalapati, Naresh, Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Noise Masking”
  • Wan, Yu-Lun, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “An Estimation Algorithm for Glitches in the Encoding/Decoding Circuits of Error Correcting Codes”


  • Li, Wei, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Single Channel Speech Separation: A Model of Computational Scene Analysis”
  • Lomba, John F., Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Non-Contact Measurement of the Carotid Artery Pulse Waveform”
  • Lux, Michael, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Digital Control of a Michelson Interferometer for Rapid-Scanning Spectroscopy”
  • Mupparapu, Sanjay Kumar, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Error Control Decoding for Symmetric Erasure Channels”
  • Siu, Haiyan, Advisor: Dr. Vetter, “A Novel Object-Oriented Implementation of the Finite Element Method”
  • Swaminathan, Jayaganesh, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Decomposition of Bandpass Signal and Feature Extraction for Automatic Speech Recognition”
  • Wagner, Scott K., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “A Comparison of Digital Audio Processors and Switchmode Power Amplifiers”
  • Zhang, Xin, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “Design of Microprocessor Based Test Bench for a Biopotential Chip”


  • Beatty, Charles A., Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Near Optimal T-Code Construction Techniques”
  • Hansen, Jesse C., Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Modulation Based Parameters for Automatic Speech Recognition”
  • Lokam, Naveen K., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “CMOS Phase-Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizer”
  • Mui, Kin, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Amplified Optical DWDM Transmission Systems”
  • Nori, Sridhar, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Software Implementation of a Mathematical Model of the Cardiovascular System”
  • Yung, Wai, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “A High Speed Bipolar Only Operational Amplifier”


  • Chhetri, Amit Sing, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Matrix Filters for Passive Sonar”
  • Fu, Qiang, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Improved Method for Representing Band-Pass Signals by Taking Information”
  • Han, Xu, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Active Image Motion Seeking (AIMS) Camera System”
  • Yu, Guo, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Automated Detection Algorithms for Analyzing Mitochondria and Z-Bands in Electron Microscopic Images of Skeletal Muscles”


  • Carroll, Kevin, M., Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Permutation Demodulation for the Loran-C Navigational Channel”
  • Chen, Chuen-Song, Advisor: Dr. Miller, “Time-Frequency Analysis of Underwater Acoustic Signals in the 2001 ASIAEX-East China Sea Experiment”
  • Clark, Cathy Ann, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Acoustic Wave Prpagation in Horizontally Variable Media”
  • Narasimhan, Ranganarayan, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “VHDL Synthesis in FPGA Environment”
  • Ramaswamy, Brinda, Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “A Feasibility Study for Using Linear Prediction for the Estimation of Cardiac Output in Patients with Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumping”
  • Schaffer, Gunnar, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Influences of a Bus-System on Digital Motion Control Systems”
  • Sokoll, Thorstean, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Development and Testing of a L-Band EDFA”


  • Baker, David Joseph, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “Analysis and Prevention of Latchup”
  • Drager, Katja, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Decoding Procedures and Performance Analysis of Erasure Channels”
  • Faizon, Frederic, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Analysis of Asymmetries in Digitized Mammograms”
  • Gendre, Maxime, F., Advisor: Dr. Gregory, “Study and Design of a Shielded RF-Sputtering Rotary Coater”
  • Hu, Yaodong, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Software Technologies and System Architectures for Second Generation Electronic Commerce: A Survey”
  • Li, Jian, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “A Transparent TCP Layer Virtual SCSI System”
  • Meier, Roger, S., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Digital Decimating Filter for aq Monolithic Sonar Receiver”
  • Wang, Xiaodan, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Multirate Digital Filter With IQ Outputs for a Sonar Receiver”


  • Capoccia, Brian, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Web-Based Conference Management System”
  • Didier, John P., Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Implementing Disk Caching Disk in the Microsoft Windows 95 Operating System”
  • Foellscher, Heiko,, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Fast Monte Carlo Simulation of the Performance of Error Correcting Codes-Importance Sampling”
  • He, Xiaosong, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Performance Evaluation of Internet/Intranet Data Service Models”
  • Heyen, Johann E., Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Efficient Diode-Pumping of Rare-Earth-Doped Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers”
  • Keast, Kevin M., Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Modeling, Analysis, and Verification of the United States Coast Guard Data Network”
  • Lebkuchner, Karl,, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “An Improved Implementation of the Active Nodal Task Seeking (ANTS) Distributed System”
  • Manlove, Edward C. III,, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “A Comparative Study of Digital Filtering Techniques in The Detection and Classification of Lesions in X-Ray Mammography”
  • Nightingale, Tycho G., Advisor: Dr. Yang, “The Design and Implementation of a Disk Caching Disk Device Driver for Unix”
  • Rieke, Viola, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Digital Control for Membrane Potentials of Excitable Tissues”
  • Staff, Joanne K., Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Characterization of Speech Using Inverse Signal Analysis”
  • Weibel, Christian T., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Investigation of a Digital Beamformer Using Delta-Sigma Modulated Inputs”


  • Filiberto, Thomas S., Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Application of the Principal Components Inverse Method of Reverberation Suppression to Active Sonar”
  • Laliberte, Shawn D., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Physically-Based Scaling of DC Bipolar Transistor Models”
  • Lu, Yan, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Frequency Domain State-Space System Identification”
  • Sambhus, Mihir, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Fluid-Flow Simulations in Distributed Computing Systems”
  • Seshadri, Nirmala, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design of a Fully-Differential Wide-Band Low Noise CMOS Amplifier”


  • Cherlin, David, Advisor: Dr. Polk, “Design and Construction of a DC and ELF Magnetic Field Generation System for Exposure of Biological Cell Cultures”
  • Houweling, Tom, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Implementation of a Heterogeneous Distributed Computing System”
  • Lu, Jie, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Implementing Disk Caching Disk on Industrial Standard Bus Based Computers”
  • Paramadhathil, Arun, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “High Performance Computations in a Distributed Computing Environment”
  • Tuozzolo, Claudio, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “A Low-Voltage Curvature-Corrected Bandgap Reference”
  • Wali, Sidharth, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Generating Discrete Memory Sources for Testing Variable Length Codes”


  • Andersson, Francis, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Neural Network Implementation of Non Linear Control Using Radial Basis Functions”
  • Cobb, Marie, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Implementation Issues in Using Convex Optimization for Controller Design”
  • Gervasio, Jose, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “A Geometric Defect Seeker at the VLSI Layout Level”
  • Hammen, John, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Standard VLSI Cell Library Based Test Generation”
  • Kutter, Martin, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Optical Flow Estimation Based on Wavelet Transform”
  • Lee, Sangmok, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Properties of Radio Frequency Sputtered Zinc Oxide Films”
  • Modadugu, Nagendrea V., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design of a Compact Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer With 12 Bit Amplitude and 32 Bit Frequency Resolution”
  • Shanazu, Marla, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Tools for Faulty Behavior Analysis of Run-Time Logic Circuits”
  • Yang, Chun, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “A Monolithic Thermal Sensor With Digital Data Storage”
  • Yee, Kevin Y., Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Cost Effective PC Based Communication System”


  • De Angelis, Christopher M., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Neurally Inspired Multi-Source Acoustic Data Fusion”
  • Moore, Christopher Verne, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “A High Speed Half Flash Analog to Digital Converter”
  • Praveenkumar, Sanigepalli V., Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Implementation of the Hyperbolic Class of Time-Frequency Distributions and Removal of Cross Terms”
  • Sindagi, Vijay Kumar, Advisor: Dr. Uht, “Studies of Disjoint Eager Execution”
  • Smolenski, Alexander J. Jr, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “Array of Micromachined Pressure Sensors”
  • Somanathan, Sajee, Advisor: Dr. Uht, “Performance Enhancement of a Concurrent Processor”
  • Strauss, Benjamin, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Modeling of Erbium-Doped Fiber Lasers”
  • Talwalkar, Sumit A., Advisor: Dr. Kay, “Generalizations of the Bernoulli Map and Realization of Correlated Chaotic Signals”
  • Toolan, Timothy M., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “A Programming Language for the Magic VLSI Layout Tool”


  • Almquist, Kurt R., Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Performance Analysis of Multiprocessor Disk Array Systems Using Colored Petri Nets”
  • Bussiere, Gregory, Advisor: Dr. Wolfe, “Using Realtime POSIX and FDDI Networks for Multimedia Applications”
  • Chartier, Bernard, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “An Application of Artificial Neural Network Analysis Techniques to a Finance Prediction Problem”
  • Dominic-Savio, Patrick, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Design of the Ants Kernel to Implement a Fault Tolerant Distributed Computing System”
  • Ferrara, Paul R., Advisor: Dr. Daly, “Robust Design Techniques for Bipolar Analog Integrated Circuits”
  • Kotamrajv, Pranav S., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “A Study of Continuous Time Filtering Techniques for VLSI”
  • Mattappally, Bobby T., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Optimum Design of Over-sampled Sigma-delta Modulators”
  • Song, Peilin, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Testing of Data Retention Faults in RAMS”
  • Zhang, Yuan, Advisor: Dr. Mitra, “Solid State Humidity Microsensor Design and Fabrication”


  • Abrol, Vishal, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Comparative Study of Parallel Multipliers Based on Recoding Techniques”
  • Adina, Sridhar, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Trace Driven Simulation of Cache Memories”
  • Daniels, Susan C., Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Application of Prolate Spheroidal Filters to Time Delay Estimation”
  • Dicicco, Peter, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Resynchronization Characteristics of Variable Length Codes”
  • Gupte, Ranjit, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Expandable Digital VLSI Neural Networks”
  • Hariharan, A., Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design of 80Mhz Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer in 2µm CMOS Process”
  • Huang, Jurang, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Performance Analysis of Cache Memories for Vector- and Multi-Processors”
  • Kolluri, Srinivas, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Analyzing the Training and Learning Characteristics of Artificial Backpropagation Neural Networks Using Statistical Methods”
  • Murray, Robin L., Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Application of the Dyadic Wavelet Transform for the Detection of the QRS Complex”
  • Natarajan, Jayakumar, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “BICS Techniques for Highly Reliable CMOS Circuits”
  • Palissery, Ramachandran, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Design and Optimization of ER3+ Doped Fiber Amplifiers in the 980nm Band”
  • Pierce, Timothy, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Experimental Testing of Reverberation Suppression in Active Sonar”
  • Pilozzi, Gianni, Advisor: Dr. Jackson, “Packet Based Modeling of Voiced Speech”
  • Shao, Yongbo, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Control Memory Decomposition in Microprogram Control Unit Designs”
  • Xu, Weize, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “CMOS Integrated Passive Transponder”


  • Bagley Jr, John B., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Adaptive Control of Telerobotic Systems Worn by Humans”
  • Chatterjee, Basab, Advisor: Dr. Banerjee, “The Deposition and Characterization of RF Sputtered Boron Nitride”
  • Flint, Thomas W., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Stochastic Time Series Modeling: Covariance Estimation and Positivity Correction”
  • Gaines, Lynda A., Advisor: Dr. Daly, “A Mapping From Structured Analysis to VHDL”
  • Hurdis, Peter K., Advisor: Dr. Jackson, “Filter Design by the Generalized Chebyshev Approximation Method”
  • Kapoor, Vidur, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “VLSI Implementation of a Fault Tolerant Berger Coded Arithmetic Logic Unit”
  • Krishnan, Mala, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Design and Optimization of Pr3+ Doped Fluoride Fiber Amplifiers”
  • Kurdziel, Patricia, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “A Study of Modal Attenuation in Graded Index Optical Fibers”
  • Moonan, Daniel William, Advisor: Dr. Fischer, “Design Fabrication and Testing of a 12 Bit Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital Converter”
  • Probasco, James W., Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Time-Frequency Signal Representation and Detection Using Reciprocal Bases With Special Application: The Gabor Transform”
  • Roeck, Hans-Ueli, Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “And Electronic Paintbrush: A 6-Dimensional Mouse Based on Ultrasonic Distance Measurement”
  • Ross, Kelly, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Target Maneuver Detection: A Neural Network Implementation”
  • Sridhar, Balakrishnan, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers Pumped in the 800nm Band”
  • Sun, Shih-Yao, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “Empirical Studies on the Integration of Built-In Current Sensor and Self-Checking Checker in Static CMOS”
  • Thirumoorthy, Hari, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Near Maximum Likelihood Decoding of Linear Block Codes”
  • Tougas Jr, Rene A., Advisor: Dr. Stephanishen, “Transient Acoustic Pressure Radiated From a Finite Duct”
  • Wu, Su-Hsiu, Advisor: Dr. Polk, “Computation of Electric and Magnetic Fields and Currents in Biological Cell Systems”


  • Chang, Hungshih, Advisor: Dr. Lo, “A New Protocol for Efficient Bandwidth Distributions in Integrated Service Networks”
  • Funk, Michael H., Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Subband Coding of Images”
  • Gan, Qi, Advisor: Dr. Gan, “On Parallelization of All-Row Preconditioned Interval Linear Solver on Multiprocessors”
  • Geetha, Vedaraman, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “A New Technique for Efficient Handling of Critical Sections in Multiproceessor Systems”
  • Jayaraj, Vinit, Advisor: Dr. Sadasiv, “Design of a Filter Bank Based on Sigma Delta Modulation”
  • Kumar, Suresh D., Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Estimating the Parameters of a Continuous Time System From Frequency Response Samples”
  • Padmanaban, Natarajan, Advisor: Dr. Constantino, “Model of Temporal Synaptic Interactions”
  • Papandreou, Antonia, Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “A Generalization of the Choi-Williams Exponential Distribution for Time-Frequency Analysis”
  • Phou, Hong Meng, Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Real Time Graphics Desplay and Simulation for the Intra Aortic Balloon Pump”
  • Raja, Ravi, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “Design and Analysis of Multiple-bus Arbiters with Different Priority Schemes”
  • Schwartz, Joshua A., Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Spectral Estimation Using the QD Algorithm”
  • Shastry, Harini, Advisor: Dr. Banerjee, “Electrical, Optical and Mechanical Properties of RF Sputtered TiN-W-Au Structures”
  • Shen, Tung-Li, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “On Chip Current Sensing for CMOS Self Testing Integrated Circuits”
  • Suppappola, Seth, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Digital QRS Detection”


  • Joss, Brian Taylor, Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Modeling Lightwave Communication Systems Which Utilize Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers”
  • Kim, Chang H., Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Computer Simulation of the Intraaortic Balloon Pump”
  • Maragakis, Eleftherios, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Time Delay Estimation in a Multipath Environment”
  • Thangadurai, George, Advisor: Dr. Yang, “An Adaptive Cache Coherence Scheme for Hierarchical Shared Memory Multiprocessors”
  • Weng, Weimin, Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Interactive 3-D Graphics Display for Medical Images”


  • Cao, Zhendong, Advisor: Dr. Tufts, “Analysis of the Improved Prony’s Method”
  • Deus Iii, Antonio L., Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Design and Analysis of Bimodal Heavy Metal Fluoride Fibers in the 1.3µm Wavelength Region”
  • Dhir, Pankaj, Advisor: Dr. Sadasiv, “Analysis and VLSI Implementation of the Arithmetic Fourier Transform”
  • DiBiase, Anthony, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Vector Quanization for Moisy Channels”
  • Huang, Kelan, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Image Coding Based on Texture Segmentation”
  • McHale, Thomas J., Advisor: Dr. Boudreaux-Bartels, “Time-Varying Multicomponent Signal Analysis Using a Weighted Wicner Distribution Synthesis Algorithm”
  • Romero-Chacon, Jorge Arturo, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “Fitting a Pole-Zero Model to Arbitrary Frequency Response Samples”
  • Song, Jianhuan, Advisor: Dr. Polk, “Calculation of Induced Electric Fields and Potential Distributions in Inhomogeneous, Biological Structures Due to Time-Varying Magnetic Fields”
  • Thomas, Michael Adam, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Capacity and Cutoff Rate Calculations for a Concatenated Coding System Using an Inner Convolutional Code”
  • Tintasuwan, Kriengkrai, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Design and Simulation of 2.55µm Mid-Infrared Digital Fiber Optical Communication Systems Using Direct and Coherent Detection Schemes”
  • Verma, Sanjeev, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “On Estimating the Parameters of Chirp Signals”
  • Zhu, Yu, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “Vector Quantization for Data Compression”


  • Abdelkader, Hatem A. H., Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Design of an All-Optical Long-Distance Solution-Based Optical Fiber Communication System Using Fluoride Fibers.”
  • Adams, Jeff C., Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Magneto-Optical Sensing Utilizing the Faraday Effect in Bulk CD1-XMNXTE”
  • Ahuja, Sharat, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Development of a Simulation Environment for Signal Processing Algorithms”
  • Bastien, Steven P., Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Design of Single-Mode Heavy Metal Fluoride Optical Fibers With Arbitrary Refractive Index Profile”
  • Berger, Noah, Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Portable Muscle Stimulator Design for Transcutaneous Functional Electrical Stimulation”
  • Bergerson, Eric, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Three Dimensional Reconstruction of Coronary Tree-Like Structures From Two Orthogonal Views”
  • Capozza, Paul T., Advisor: Dr. Daly, “A Structured VLSI Implementation of a Hub Switch for a Burst Switching Network”
  • Cayula, Jean-Francois, Advisor: Dr. Cornillon, “Edge Detection Algorithm for SST Images”
  • Engert, Clark P., Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Design of Distributed Feedback Semiconductor Based External Cavity Lasers for Coherent Communication System”
  • Fascia, Anthony, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “A Wideband Medium Power Microwave Amplifier”
  • Gamache, Richard E., Advisor: Dr. Daly, “A Monolithic LVDT Signal Processor”
  • Irza, John W., Advisor: Dr. Lindgren, “Trajectory and Parameter Estimation With Measurements of Uncertain Origin”
  • Kim, Young-Soo, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “VLSI Design of a Viterbi Decoder for Forward Bit Error Control”
  • Kottke, Dane P., Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Parallel Distributed Processing of Coronary Angiograms”
  • Mo, Anthony Pui Tsing, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Mathematical Modeling of the Coronary Venous Circulation”
  • Narasimhan, Anand, Advisor: Dr. Swaszek, “On the Quantization of the Correlated Gaussian Source”
  • Richards, Kevin Paul, Advisor: Dr. Jackson, “AR Spectral Estimation by Correlation Fitting”
  • Tsai, Kao-Feng, Advisor: Dr. Lengyel, “Loss Measurement of Waveguide Modulators”


  • Braman, David Peabody, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “CMOS Switched Capacitor Frequency Multiplier”
  • Kaikhah, Osrow, Advisor: Dr. Jackson, “An Expert System for Designing Digital Filters”
  • Kim, Junius A., Advisor: Dr. Ohley, “Evaluation and Modeling of the Vascular Unloading Technique for Blood Pressue Measurement”
  • Linsky, Nicholas Laeb, Advisor: Dr. Vaccaro, “Descrete Time Command Generators for Robotic Manipulators”
  • Mamalakis, Costantine, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “Speed Limitations of Optically Activated CMOS Switches”
  • Mendex, Alexis Ch., Advisor: Dr. Sunak, “Design of Mid-Ir Optical Fibers for Telecommunication Applications”
  • Rastogi, Rajeev, Advisor: Dr. Kumaresan, “A Neutral Network Approach to Signal Processing Architectures”
  • Sarkar, Sandip, Advisor: Dr. Daly, “Development and VLSI Design of a Ring Based Switch”
  • Shenoy, Anatha Padmanabh, Advisor: Dr. Sadasiv, “Design and VLSI Implementation of a Pipelined FFT Processor on a Single VLSI Chip”
  • Wu, Tienfu, Advisor: Sr. Ying Sun, “Segmentation and Analysis of Coronary Arthery Structures From a Single-View Angiogram”


  • Attali, Stephane, Advisor: Dr. Cohen, “Model Based Surface Inspection”
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