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Interactive Panoramas

Quad Center:

Quad South West Corner:

North Plaza:


Research Corridor:

**These renderings are not final.

Live Cameras

Historical Archive

Historical Archive

Historical Archive

Construction Fun Facts

New Building:

2,300 TONS of structural steel

9,700 CUBIC YARDS of concrete in foundations alone

2,300 CUBIC YARDS of concrete in labs

1,400 CUBIC YARDS of concrete on site

14,000 SQUARE FEET of bricks

14,000 CUBIC YARDS of excavated soil

10,000 CUBIC YARDS of backfilled soil

1 MILE of underground electric cable

2 MILES of underwater drainage, sewer, water and steam piping

10,000 TONS of construction debris

17 MILES of fire protection, plumbing & mechanical piping

24 MILES of electrical wire interior


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