Hui Zhou

  • Assistant Professor
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Phone: (401) 874-9197
  • Email:
  • Office Location: Coastal Institute 216
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My main research interests are environmental and energy economics, transportation economics, trade, and waste management. I am particularly interested in exploring how policies can contribute to achieve environmental objectives. I have conducted research on evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental policies in electric vehicles and used vehicles in China, the design of energy labels for ACs, among others.


Ph.D. Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, 2017-2023

Ph.D. Engineering Economics and Management, Hohai University, China, 2001-2006

B.S. Harbor and Coastal Engineering, Hohai University, China, 1997-2001

Selected Publications

  1. Shanjun Li, Xianglei Zhu, Yiding Ma, Fan Zhang and Hui Zhou, 2021. The Role of
    Government in the Market for Electric Vehicles: Evidence from China. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 41(2), 450-485.
  2. Jie Bai, Shanjun Li, Danxia Xie, and Hui Zhou, 2021. Environmental Protection or Environmental Protectionism? Evidence from Tail Pipe Emission Standards in China. AEA Papers and Proceedings, 111, 381-85.
  3. Ng, A.W., Nathwani, J., Fu, J. and Zhou, H., 2021. Green financing for global energy sustainability: prospecting transformational adaptation beyond Industry 4.0. Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, 17(1), 377-390.
  4. Sheng, Jichuan, Xiao Han, and Hui Zhou, 2017. Spatially varying patterns of afforestation/reforestation and socio-economic factors in China: a geographically weighted regression approach. Journal of Cleaner Production, 153, 362-371.
  5. Hui Zhou, and James O. Bukenya, 2016. Information Inefficiency and Willingness-to-pay for Energy-efficient Technology: A Stated Preference Approach for China Energy Label. Energy Policy, 91, 12-21.
  6. Sheng, J., Han, X., Zhou, H. and Miao, Z., 2016. Effects of corruption on performance: Evidence from the UN-REDD Programme. Land Use Policy, 59, 344-350.
  7. Hui Zhou, and Jichuan Sheng, 2015. Has EU-ETS Caused Carbon Leakage in the EU
    Carbon-Intensive Industries? A study from the perspective of bilateral trade. Chinese
    Journal of Population Resources and Environment, 13(2), 132-138.