Reporting Discrimination and/or Harassment

Any incident of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, or unlawful retaliation by a faculty member, staff or student, and/or administrators towards a member or visitor of the University community should be reported to the Office of Equal Opportunity immediately by calling (401) 874-4929.

Members of the University community wanting to file a complaint of discrimination and/or discriminatory harassment are encouraged to fill out the Incident Report Form as soon as possible to allow for internal resolution of their complaint.

The provisions of collective bargaining agreements governing unionized employees may provide additional mechanisms for addressing allegations of discrimination.

The University recognizes that some persons may, for a variety of reasons, be reluctant to file a complaint without the advice or counsel of a sympathetic party.  The following resources are available to provide assistance and information to anyone concerned about incident(s) of harassment:

Counseling Center (874-2288)

Health Services (874-2246)

The Women’s Center (874-2097)

CEPS Dept. of Student Services (277-5000)