Community, Equity and Diversity

The University of Rhode Island has a long tradition of promoting diversity among its community, often stimulated by student, staff and faculty advocacy and administrative initiative. Perhaps the most significant period of reform at the University has occurred from the late 1960’s to present, ensuring equity and fair treatment of its members, diversifying URI’s demographic composition, broadening and deepening its curricular offerings, and promoting a campus culture and community where each of its members is respected and valued for who they are. In an effort to “do more and do it better,” after a multi-year period of advocacy by the Equity Council — broadly representative of URI students, staff and faculty — President Dooley, endorsed by the Strategic Budget and Planning Council and approved by the Board of Governors for Higher Education, committed to the creation of an institutional unit focusing on the advancement of community, equity and diversity at URI, to be led by a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO).

The CDO — who is a member of the President’s executive team — is charged with influencing effective policy formation and collaborating with the University Diversity Council, ensuring the accomplishment of strategic diversity goals integral to the overall success of the University. The University is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment, where differences are welcomed and valued. As our communities and workplaces become increasingly more diverse, understanding the perspectives of diversity will be an important requirement for relating to members of the University community.