They hit submit!

This year seven seniors, three recent alumni and three current graduate students successfully completed the campus process for submitting a Fulbright US Student Program application. The process itself is rigorous and provides an opportunity to refine their personal narrative and professional aspirations, which will translate into stronger graduate school and grant applications in the future. If successful, they will be funded to spend the 2023-2024 academic year abroad fulfilling the study, research or English teaching assistantship which they have proposed.

Many thanks to Felicia Page, Coordinator of the Graduate Writing Center, who provided an excellent summer workshop experience for the graduate student applicants this summer.  Many thanks also to those who served as interview panelists and to the 40+ letter writers who supported for this incredible crew of Rhody Rams along the way!  We are rooting for you all!

Timothy BerardTimothy Berard '20 (Political Science and Africana Studies)
United Kingdom
MA in Migration Studies at the University of Sussex
Nikol Damato '23 (MA Marine Affairs)
Structured Decision-Making Analysis of Policies for Killer Whale Conservation
Willow Dunster '23 (Marine Biology)
New Zealand
Msc in Marine Biology at Victoria University of Wellington - Te Herenga Waka
Clare Laroche '23 (Ocean Engineering)
New Zealand
Masters in Robotics and Automation at University of Auckland
Aisling Macaraeg '23 (Cell and Molecular Biology)
United Kingdom
Master of Science in Infection Biology at the University of Manchester
Mollie Melnick '23 (Political Science; Spanish)
English Teaching Assistant
Jami Miller '23 (MA Marine Affairs)
The Impact of Azorean Artisanal Fishers on Food Security and Seafood Systems
Nathaniel Sandoval '21 (Political Science)
English Teaching Assistantship (ETA)
Eliza Taylor '23 (Ocean Engineering)
United Kingdom
MSc in Acoustical and Vibration Engineering from the University of Southampton
Devin Thomas '23 (History)
Allenstein to Olsztyn: Nationalism in a Central European Town
Myles Wagner '22 (Marine Biology; Cell and Molecular Biology)
Developing coral symbionts capable of conferring thermal tolerance into Australia's coral