First in-person meeting of U²GRC at URI

Yesterday, June 6th, U²GRC held its first in-person meeting at URI!

We met at the newly built AstroSpace — a dedicated wing of URI’s East Hall for U²GRC to house faculty, students and hold collaboration meetings. Almost the entire UMass Dartmouth gravity group: Collin Capano, Scott Field, Connor Kenyon, Katie Rink, Bhaskar Verma, Manas Vishal drove in and joined the URI members for an informal get-together, URI tour by Rob, lunch and a trip to Point Judith on RI’s gorgeous coastline. Some pictures appear below.

And, of course, Rob made sure that Scott had at least 3 options for coffee-makers in AstroSpace!


East Hall, URI


Point Judith


Runs on Dunkin’

Looking forward to the next one already!!