UMass-URI Gravity Research Consortium

Gravitational waves from LIGO’s first detection

Welcome to the UMass-URI Gravity Research Consortium (U2GRC).

The U2GRC is a collaboration between the gravity research groups at UMass Dartmouth and the University of Rhode Island. The research areas of interest to the group members include: black holes, gravitational waves, multi-messenger astronomy, astrophysics and quantum gravitation. Most members are part of the LIGO Science Collaboration or the LISA Consortium. Research efforts in the U2GRC are funded through multiple National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, NASA and private foundations (FQXi and others).

U2GRC members collaborate externally with other research groups including the Simulating Extreme Spacetimes (SXS) Collaboration (Caltech & Cornell), Kavli Institute for Astrophysics (MIT), Black Hole Initiative & Center for Astrophysics (Harvard), Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Germany), Texas Tech, Penn State University and Louisiana State University.


  • Assistant Professor — QIS / gravity - The Physics Department at the University of Rhode Island (URI) invites applications for a full-time tenure-track position of an Assistant Professor of Physics beginning in the fall of 2024, specifically for a theorist or computational physicist working in the field of Quantum Information Science (QIS). The Department has recently established multiple new QIS-related degree programs and […]
  • Many papers out over the summer months! - On the approximate relation between black-hole perturbation theory and numerical relativity Tousif Islam, Gaurav Khanna arXiv:2307.03155 — Interplay between numerical-relativity and black hole perturbation theory in the intermediate-mass-ratio regime Tousif Islam arXiv:2306.08771 — Interplay between numerical relativity and perturbation theory : finite size effects Tousif Islam, Gaurav Khanna arXiv:2306.08767 — White dwarf mass-radius relation in theories beyond […]
  • 23rd EGM participants widely covered the north-east region! - The 23rd Eastern Gravity Meeting was held at URI on June 9th and 10th. This annual regional meeting is open to researchers of all levels, from undergraduate students to faculty, in all areas of gravitational physics, including classical, quantum, theory, observation, and computation. The purpose of the conference is to encourage the interaction of researchers […]
  • Caroline’s paper covered by Scientific American - Is Time Travel Possible? The laws of physics allow time travel. So why haven’t people become chronological hoppers? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/is-time-travel-possible/
  • Eastern Gravity Meeting at URI in June! - Find out details at the meeting link below:
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