Ann Salzarulo

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  • Communication Studies
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Born to first generation Italian-American working-class parents in rural Massachusetts, Ann learned to appreciate nature and hard work. Ann’s was the first generation to attend university and push through the barriers of disempowerment, language and class discrimination. Her passion is to join the willing, co-create the unimaginable, and advocate for positive change.

As an educator, Ann’s goal is to create a dynamic, interdisciplinary classroom of inquiry where students cultivate a meaningful connection to the academic material and their role in the world. Ann sees herself as a professor of practice. Her life work has been about positive change, political economy, equity, human rights, indigenous youth leadership, communication, resilience and international sustainable development. Her Communication Studies lectures include case studies of social justice, environmental sustainability, global public health, and resilience.

Ann has lived and worked in several countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America and is now settled in coastal Rhode Island. She is a member of the Spanish Language Honorary Society, has been recognized in the Who’s Who of American Women for her humanitarian work to promote child rights and global studies, and holds an MA in Global Policy Studies and Latin American Economic Development from the Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey, California.

Publications include articles on role of corporates in international development, Communication as a Tool for Empowerment: A Model for Resilience (China Media Research, 11 (4), 2015; and an article submitted for peer review, which highlights the dynamics of communication in positive environmental, social and economic change and resilience. The article is about to be published, with research on the role of communication and telecommunication on livelihood transitions out of poverty among women in Burkina Faso, Guatemala, India, and Mali with Jaya Sarkar, Vice President for Programs of Trickle Up based in New York City.

Ann enjoys skiing, yoga, walking the family dog, and coaching beginner piano. The values Ann treasures most are to inspire kindness, build trusting relationships, engage in authentic dialogue, mindfully appreciate the present, actively listen, and challenge growth and development at every turn. Married to Michael, a dedicated Central Falls Middle School teacher for over 38 years, their life’s journey has led them to work side-by-side-with communities of human struggle and strength in conflict zones of rural Mexico, Guatemala and post-disaster zones of the Dominican Republic where they lived and learned among “some of the most hospitable and generous people on earth”. They share their lives with their daughter Marina, a URI student and Health Studies major, and with their son Aidan, a film and technology aficionado and high school junior.


  • M.A., International Policy/Latin American Economic Development, Monterey Institute of International Studies (CA), 1994
  • B.A., International Studies/Latin American Studies, Texas Christian University, 1980 (Transferred from Adelphi University, Garden City, NY and Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)

Selected Publications

Co-author of peer reviewed and published article in The International Journal of Management Education. entitled: Entrepreneurial Process and Psychological Well-Being from the Student Entrepreneurs Perspective – The Moderating role of Entrepreneurial Creativity. Authors: Wang Chengchun, College of Economics and Management, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics/Business College of Yangzhou University, China, Norbert Mundorf, and Ann Salzarulo-McGuigan.(September 2021).

Co-author of peer reviewed and published article in Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, September 2018. Putting the Pen in Their Hands: Using Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives to Re-map Global Education and Strengthen International Service Learning, Authors: Yessica and Julio C. Cusiyupanqui, Patrick Kennedy, Christopher Miller, and Ann Salzarulo, Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD). Article peer reviews took place at both CIES, Mexico City and at Portland University Conferences, Spring, 2018.

Researcher and Editor, Central American Program Guide: A comprehensive compendium of volunteer opportunities, internships and service/community engagement projects throughout Central America designed to bring peace witnesses from Europe/North America to the region.

Co-author of peer reviewed and published article in China Media Research, October 2015. Communication: Global Model for Empowerment and Resilience. Authors: Ann Salzarulo McGuigan, Dr. Norbert Mundorf, Megumi Terui, Wen Lei, and Jaya Sarkar.

Author, Article in Monterey Review, 1984. Corporates and Poverty: Development Ethics

Submitted article for peer review of journal article at Eastern Communication Association Convention: Resilience and Social Change in India

Author, Grassroots Development, Monterey Review and Monday Developments

Author, Policy and Implementation manuals for development project administrators and community members

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