Joyce L’Heureux

  • Part Time Faculty
  • Communication Studies
  • Phone: (401) 295-0520
  • Email:


Joyce L’Heureux holds her Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Rhode Island. She has and continues to study mindfulness and meditation from various programs, most recently completing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Foundations Teacher Training.

Ms. L’Heureux is part of the Harrington School of Communication. She has taught Communication Fundamentals, Persuasion, Small Group, Public Speaking, and Intro to Writing Fundamentals at both the college and university level.

Joyce led several national seminars and spoke at the National Public Media Business Association’s Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, and the South Carolina’s Public Media and Broadcast annual staff meeting on Mindfulness, Reporting on trauma: Using mindfulness to reduce second person PTSD on field reporters, Transitioning Leaders: Moving beyond Management, Communication, Team Building Skills, and Anti-Bullying.

Joyce enjoys sharing time with her family, gardening, reading, and writing in her spare time. She owns Philosophy Card, a small boutique home-based card business focusing on “Life in Words.”