Niko Poulakos

  • Teaching Professor
  • Communication Studies
  • Phone: 401.874.4737
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  • Office Location: Davis Hall, Rm 405


Niko Poulakos is dedicated to the ongoing quest to share, teach, and learn from his students the art of what people do with discourse and other more advanced media technologies. He enjoys investigating cultural trends with seemingly strange yet significant effects, from President Trump’s conspiratorial claims, to the communicative norms of the Occupy movement, to sexually charged fan fiction, to the collection of hyperreal things like Snapchat “streaks.” He hopes his classes and academic work say intriguing things about specific audiences, communities, and pockets of culture shaped by the materials they use.


Rhetoric and Politics, New Media and Digital Culture, Theories of Alternative Sexuality and Desire


  • Ph.D., Rhetoric and Public Affairs, University of Iowa, 2013