2024 Honors Colloquium


Democracy in Peril

Tuesday evenings at 7pm
Edwards Hall and online

The 2024 Honors Colloquium, “Democracy in Peril”, will provide a valuable
opportunity for scholars, experts, and the broader community to engage in a thoughtful and informed dialogue on this issue. It can help raise awareness of the challenges facing democracy today and highlight the importance of promoting democratic values and institutions. By understanding the causes and consequences of democratic backsliding, we can work towards building stronger and more resilient democracies that are better equipped to weather the challenges of the 21st century.
The main themes of the colloquium will be:

  • U.S. and global trends
  • Consequences of democratic erosion
  • Role of political polarization and populism
  • Impact of future disruptors on democracy: ecological and AI
  • Potential solutions

Coordinators: Marc Hutchison, Brian Krueger, Elizabeth Mendenhall, and Ashlea Rundlett


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