At the University of Rhode Island, Honors isn’t harder; it’s different. The URI Honors Program offers interdisciplinary educational experiences that prepare students for the challenges awaiting them upon graduation. Small class sizes across the disciplines mean individualized learning opportunities with outstanding and passionate faculty who are leaders in their fields.

Outside the classroom, numerous opportunities for research and in-depth study with faculty mentors await ambitious students. The Honors Team enhances the advising undergraduates receive from their major advisors through one-on-one advising and mentoring. The Honors Program is also able to offer housing and early registration for qualifying Honors students. Support for those applying to local, national, and global scholarship and fellowship awards as well as funds to support undergraduate research is available.

Office of National Fellowships & Academic Opportunities

Autumn Guillotte 

The Office of National Fellowships & Academic Opportunities (ONFAO) advises and assists qualified undergraduates interested in applying for national and international scholarships and fellowships. While the office is strategically located and supported by the Honors Program, affiliation with the Honors Program is not required for advising services.

ONFAO also supports recent URI alumni and current graduate students in applying for certain highly prestigious international awards, which require nomination or endorsement.

Pre-Health Professions Advising Program


The Pre-health Professions Advising Program supports students and recent alumni preparing to apply for admission to medical, dental, optometry, physician assistant, and other health profession training programs at the doctoral or masters level.

We help with:

  • Planning appropriate academic programs
  • Acquiring the necessary interviewing and writing skills
  • Developing a personal and academic profile that will be attractive to professional schools
  • Establishing a dossier to be used in support of their applications for admission
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