Welcome to Planet Honors

Students in HPR124: Welcome to Planet Honors are photgraphed working in the North Woods. Featured: Yin Chen, Ryleigh Dionne, Sophia DiLorenzo, and Olivia Chaves.
Nora Lewis

Changemakers Wanted!

The URI Honors Program is a diverse community of engaged learners. We are passionate about contributing to positive change and sustainable solutions within our communities and the broader world.

Our mission is to:

  • empower you to identify local manifestations of global problems
  • find creative paths towards solving these issues by recognizing the interconnectedness of our world and thus solutions
  • and to teach you how to take action through policy and organization.

The URI Honors Colloquium 2023

Join us for this year's colloquium, Business for the Common Good.

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Why join the Honors Program at URI?

A collegial community

You’ll meet other highly motivated students doing interesting work in all different majors. Find your community through discussions in the smaller classes or grabbing coffee in the honors lounge.

Individualized support

No matter what your major is, our Honors staff and faculty will get to know you personally through one-on-one advising and meetings with faculty mentors. You’ll get the advising, support, and guidance you need for your unique goals and interests.

Produce your own research

The Honors Project allows you to work closely with a faculty mentor of your choosing on a semester- or year-long research project or creative work. Intellectually and creatively, this project is whatever you dream it to be.

Unique opportunities