Major awarded fellowship at Hospital Association of Rhode Island


KaylaKayla Mudge ’16 was recently award the Hospital Association of Rhode Island (HARI) Health Care Policy and Communications Fellowship. HARI “assists member hospitals in effectively meeting the health care needs of Rhode Island, through advocacy, representation, education and services.”


Kayla’s efforts at HARI will focus on communication efforts around health care policies.  She will attend weekly meetings that range in a variety of current health care issues such as the current the opioid crisis), update all HARI affiliated social media sites, assist in updating for HARI’s official website, compile updated news articles used in HARI’s News Clips, write HARI’s quarterly publication (Tracking Trends) and daily health news report (Newswire).


Kayla, a Health Studies major with a specialization in health promotion as well as a minor in Nutrition, grew up in North Kingston, RI.  Kayla says that  “I am incredibly honored to be part of HARI’s team. I look forward to the knowledge, skills, and connections that I will gain as a result of this fellowship, which I hope will serve as  a stepping stone between my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. My dream would be to work in Washington D.C. as an advocate for Public Health. Although I just begun my fellowship with HARI, I can already tell that it is important that I pursue my Master’s in Public Health some time in the near future.