Ndidi Ezeama ’21

Hometown: Smithfield, RI

Specialization: Health Promotion, Pre-Dental Track

Why did I come to URI?

I am an in-state student, so campus was not too far from home, but it was far enough for me to be able to focus on school. In-state student tuition also factored into my decision.

What surprised you the most about URI?

What surprised me the most at URI was the resources that the University was able to provide. Every time I would come across an issue or needed help, there were programs or professionals that were able to help me with what I needed.

Why did you major in health studies?

I majored in health studies because of how broad the curriculum is. Within Health Studies I was able to broaden my scope of study while still focusing on my main career goals as a student on the Pre-Dental track.

What do you consider to be the greatest strength of the Health Studies Program?

The greatest strength of Health Studies is its wide scope of career options. Compared to other majors Health Studies has so many avenues and professional paths that you can dive into and specialize in. I think it’s essential to have the freedom and room to choose a career that caters most to you.

What experiential learning opportunities have you had at URI?

I was able to use Handshake (the online career platform for connecting URI students and alumni with employers, jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities) to look for opportunities that were in line with my major and interests. Handshake is a great tool for finding internships, jobs and even networking opportunities, which are very important in the real world. There are many ways that students and alumni can use Handshake to their benefit, and I know plenty of individuals who have found opportunities from this resource. I would definitely recommend using Handshake!

What advice do you have for Health Studies majors?

My biggest piece of advice is to fully understand and keep up with all your requirements for graduation. It’s important to keep up with your advisors to make sure you’re going on the right path to success. When I say the right path, I mean making sure that you’re taking all the right courses you need to take, especially for those who are on the Pre-Health profession track along with their major. Though you may have an assigned advisor for your major, getting additional advice from a professional or someone who you trust and respect in your future field can always help give you some insight as to how to plan your future moving forward.

What’s next for you?

By God’s grace I have been given the opportunity to work within the Dental field with professionals and I plan to continue on to Dental School!