Interactive Q&A Discussion with Graduates

An Interactive Q&A Discussion with Graduates was held on April 19 in Pharmacy 170. The returning Health Studies graduates discussed their current jobs and graduate education, provided great advice regarding internships, job searches, and excelling in the workforce.  They spoke of the benefit of using the free elective courses to strategically build their career paths and that the flexibility of the Health Studies curriculum is advantageous. They encouraged students to network, maintain an up-to-date LinkedIn page, expand their learning outside of their classes, and urged students to never say “it’s not my job.”

We would like to thank our graduates for returning to campus!  James Carrier, MPH and URI class of 2013, Deputy Chief, Maryland Department of Health; Rachel Mulvaney URI class of 2017, Vice President of the Curvy Girls Scoliosis Foundation; Shade Olowookere, MPH, MHA, and URI class of 2017, Policy Analyst, Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Kelsey Porter, MHS and URI class of 2017, Director, Operational Enhancement at Hartford HealthCare; and Kelly Serna, URI class of 2016, Product Experience Manager, Fusion at Optum.